Great communicator, efficient and truly represents best interests of his clients

Last updated March 15, 2024

THE BEST LAWYER IN CANADA. I not only recommend Matthew best, but I guarantee once you have used his services you too will look no further. Matthew represented my mom in an immigration matter that started last year. My mother’s case was really complicated and other lawyers didn’t know where to begin or how to help my mom. After trying a couple different lawyers (who didn’t care about anything EXCEPT getting as much money from you as they could), and thanks to them for considering her case as hopeless one and refused to represent her, I finally met Matthew. He is extremely knowledgeable, a great communicator, efficient and truly represents best interests of his clients. He was available anytime we needed him and always made sure we were on top of what we needed to do. I honestly from the bottom of my heart can say that Matthew is the best lawyer and most decent person you can meet. He actually sincerely CARES about an outcome of your case. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you. You will be surprised how much effort he puts in your case and what a great job he does. If he takes your case, be confident that he will do everything and will win it. Thank you so much Matthew, for all your help and hard work.

Sarah Lesh