The Best Truck Driving Schools of 2024

Last updated November 21, 2023

One short drive on any of Canada’s main highways is enough to remind us that there are a lot of trucks on the road. Sometimes it feels like there’s an endless convoy of tractor-trailers, or ‘big rigs.’ This is despite the fact there’s a severe shortage of professional drivers in this country.

Look at the side or back end of a trailer and you’ll likely see that company’s advertisement for “Drivers Needed.” Nearly every company is hiring because each day they deal with an overabundance of freight that needs to get from one factory or warehouse to another, both within Canada and to and from the United States.

Despite the extreme driver shortage, business is booming. The annual revenue of the Canadian trucking industry is $39.55 billion, as reported by Statista in April 2022. The annual number of shipments is 66.5 million, while the number of working truck drivers is 324,200.

The driver shortage is further exacerbated by a fast-aging driver population. One in four drivers is between the age of 55-64, Trucking HR Canada revealed in May 2022. There are an estimated 26,000 job vacancies and the supply gap could rocket to 50,000 jobs by 2024, according to Canadian Trucking Alliance director of public policy and public affairs, as stated in a September 2022 interview with Freight Waves. The article focuses on a government initiative that would allow truck drivers from other countries to apply for work in Canada.

Adding to the challenge of finding new talent is the extreme shortage of women in the industry. They make up a drastically small percentage of truckers, coming in at under five per cent of the Canadian truck driver workforce according to several polls.

The potential for strong earnings is there. An annual salary of $80,000-plus, plus benefits, is achievable in many parts of the country with only a few years of trucking experience. The average salary of a truck driver in Canada ranges significantly, and depends heavily on years of experience, the type of trucking job and the part of the country where you’re working. According to the Government of Canada website, the hourly rate can range from a low of $14.17 in Nova Scotia to a high of $38.00 in British Columbia.

Fortunately, Canada’s top trucking schools are well positioned to handle these and other challenges. They prepare prospective truckers for success in a variety of settings, including cross border and long-haul runs, dry van and refrigeration van (reefer) hauling, and specialized driving including flatbed, tank and fuel hauling.

Schools offer programs for both AZ and DZ training (or a Class 1 license outside of Ontario). AZ training gives drivers the ability to operate tractor-trailers: essentially any truck or trailer combination weighing more than 4,600 kg or 10,000 lbs. (except passenger vehicles such as buses.) AZ programs range from five weeks to 12 weeks, with prices ranging from $5,300 to $15,400. The result is an AZ licence in most cases, or a certificate.

An AZ licence allows you to drive any vehicle that falls under the DZ classification.

DZ training gives drivers the ability to operate vehicles that travel mostly municipal routes, including garbage trucks, dump trucks, cement mixers, fire trucks, snowplows and rescue vehicles. Essentially this means any vehicle weighing up to 4,600 kg or 10,000 lbs. DZ programs range from five lessons to three weeks, with prices ranging from $1,300 to $3,350.

So if you’re itching to get on the road, and enjoy good pay and benefits, then read on. Here are the best truck driving schools across Canada.


Humber College 4.7/5

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Valley Driving School 5/5

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Trans-Canada College 5/5

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A2Z Training School 5/5

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Big Rig Driving School 5/5

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Professional Transport Driver Training School 5/5

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Canada Trust Driving School 5/5

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Canadian Truck Training Centre 5/5

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Globe Driving Academy 5/5

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Crossroads Truck Training Academy 5/5

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Best Canadian Truck & Forklift Training Centre 5/5

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Toronto Truck Driving School 5/5

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5th Wheel Training Institute 5/5

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Humber College

$ $ $ $

About Humber College

With three main campuses in Toronto, Ontario, Humber College is uniquely positioned as a polytechnic institute. This means they offer an option between university and college, combining theoretical learning with applied, hands-on experience.

Humber’s truck driver training program is one of 150 programs the school offers across 40 fields of study. Students will learn to drive a tractor trailer and earn their Ontario AZ license. The course is designed and delivered by experienced trucking professionals.

Graduates have a 96 per cent employment rate and will have the opportunity to work in a variety of trucking fields including dry van, flatbed, tanker and heavy haul and long haul. They will be well prepared to drive cross border and deliver and pick up a variety of freight including drop trailer loads and LTL (Less Than Load) freight. Transportation companies routinely use Humber College as a leading source of potential employees. Many send current employees to Humber for tractor-trailer training.

What Students Are Saying

Like others have said, the instructors make it. Lauri, Ken, Slavic and Keith are serious about educating the next generation of truckers and keeping our roads safe. Bottom line. This will 100% prepare you to get a job in the industry.

Damon Izane, Straight Truck Training Class G to DZ

What You’ll Learn

Humber College will prepare you for work in the extremely high-demand field of trucking. In this seven-week program, you’ll learn about safety regulations, road management, fuel-efficient driving, traffic navigation and more.

The program consists of three components: 1) ‘Z’ Air Brake Endorsement: two days of theory an a practical test on the third day; 2) ‘A’ Tractor-Trailer Operator Theory: a 44-hour class that includes many components including Highway Traffic Act and regulations, rule of the road, workplace safety, hours of service, log book, impaired driving, border crossing and CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration); and 3) In-Vehicle training: 80 hours of one-on-one in-cab training in a 2021 Kenworth T680 tandem axle tractor equipped with automatic transmission.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a Humber certificate. Students can apply for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) funding. All Humber students receive free employment services including connections to job seekers, career advising resume tutoring and interview preparation and techniques.

To begin the program, you must have a valid ‘G’ license. It’s also recommended that prospective students have driven at least 20,000 kilometres in Ontario in the past 12 months, understand English at a Grade 10 level, pass a Ministry of Transportation driver’s medical test and visual exam, and pass the ‘A’ knowledge test from the Ministry of Transportation.


Toronto, ON


Valley Driving School

$ $ $ $

About Valley Truck Driving School

Based in southern and coastal British Columbia, Valley Truck Driving School offers a full range of driver training programs, including all types of truck, car and motorcycle training, plus instructor and corporate training. The school has locations in Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley and Chilliwack. They have provided training to thousands of truckers since 1955. VTDS offers customizable programs for drivers of all ages and experience levels. They provide themselves on having professional instructors who will help you feel comfortable and confident throughout your driver training. The school offers a complete range of programs for people with or without experience. These programs are designed to include one-on-one training with a strong focus on road safety and accident prevention.

What Students Are Saying

I would like to thank Alice, Cindy, Carmel, Dennis, Ben, Rob and Terry for their awesome lesson to pass my Class 1 great team amazing place to learn!

Mike Bauer, Class 1 MELT Program

What You’ll Learn

The Class 1 MELT (Mandatory Entry Level Training) program is 150-plus hours in duration and includes 14 theory sessions (54 hours), eight in-yard sessions (16 hours), 17 in-cab sessions (66 hours) and two mountain driving trips (20 hours). Students will get to use a school truck for the ICBC road test. Topics include defensive driving, hours of service, road rules and regulations, fuel-efficient driving, hauling freight, backing, load security, chaining tires, pre-trip inspections, coupling/sliding the trailer. In-cab sessions are four hours in length and include extensive practice backing the trailer into various spots and docks, plus longer mountain driving trips.


Langley, Abbotsford, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, BC


Trans-Canada College

$ $ $ $

 About TransCanada College

TransCanada College is a terrific East Coast training option for anyone that wants to get into the world of tractor-trailer professional driving. The locally owned and operated school, formerly called GW Driver Training, has been training long-haul truckers since 1989. They have training locations in Miramichi, Sussex, St. John, Oromocto and Moncton.

This private career college prides itself on having excellent industry relationships and having developed a strong reputation with Atlantic Canadian Trucking companies. TCC also proudly boasts a 95 per cent job placement rate upon graduation. Each of their programs has been designed with industry requirements in mind, ensuring students have received the proper training needed to enter into the trucking workforce immediately.

The school’s curriculum is approved by the Province of New Brunswick and The Trucking Human Resources Sector Council Atlantic.

What You’ll Learn

Over 12 weeks, you will complete a minimum of 100 hours of interactive in-class safety training coupled with a minimum of 80 hours of practical truck time. You will then move to a four-week real life internship with one of Trans-Canada College’s Transport Carrier Partners.


Riverview, NB


A2Z Training School

$ $ $ $

About A2Z Driving School

A2Z Driving School is located in Kitchener, Ontario. It is registered as a Private Career College. The school prepares students to obtain their license to drive trucks as well as buses. A2Z has over 20 professional instructors and employees and offers up-to-date equipment that assures the highest standards are met and that the school remains competitive with other truck driving schools. Instructors are highly trained with years of extended experience, helpful and easy to work with and friendly. You will receive one-on-one behind-the-wheel instruction, quality service at reasonable rates, and help for nervous and elderly drivers. Courses offered include AZ license, DZ license, AZ refresher, Log Book, Forklift Training, Forklift Certification, Air Brake Classes and Corporate Forklift Training.

What You’ll Learn

The AZ driver training program is 116 hours in length over five weeks and includes the air brake endorsement. Students will be taught by qualified and experienced instructors. You will learn all the essential skills of tractor trailer driving including speed control, steering control, lane changes, reversing and parking. Advanced skills include left and right turning, changing lanes in heavy traffic, night driving and driving in bad weather. To qualify for admission: you must be minimum 18 years of age, hold a valid Ontario Class G license or higher, have an OSSD Grade 12 diploma (or higher) or proof of Grade 10 English equivalency, have completed an MTO medical form and have knowledge verification of rules of the road and signs.

The DZ (straight truck) training program is 10 lessons and includes a road test date and air brake training. It is available in trucks with automatic transmissions.

The AZ refresher course offers theoretical and practical training for individuals who already have their AZ license but are looking to hone their driving skills. It is a quick and affordable option to gain valuable experience and to become a safe driver. The course includes options such as: pre-trip inspection, backing up, learning manual transmission, improving turning, coupling or uncoupling, defensive driving, winter and mountain driving, highway and night driving, plus trip and route planning.

The forklift training course includes theoretical and practical knowledge training, pre-inspection, safety training, plus propane and electric certification.


Kitchener, ON


Big Rig Driving School

$ $ $ $

About Big Rig Driving School

Big Rig Driving School is located in Surrey, British Columbia. The school is proud of its reputation for offering reliable and responsible truck driving programs for people in the area, and in all of Western Canada. They want you to know that your experience will be a positive one. They have well-trained and polite local truck driving instructors will lead you through a comfortable and encouraging learning experience throughout the course.

BRDS offers scheduling seven days a week and quality service at reasonable prices. They pride themselves on helping nervous drivers and the elderly. The school does their utmost to ensure top safety standards. Several government programs exist to assist with these training costs, and to support new Class 1 drivers entering the trucking industry.

What You’ll Learn

Students at Big Rig Driving School will undergo an extensive Class 1 MELT (Mandatory Entry Level Training) program that meets and exceeds the British Columbia minimum requirement of 140 hours of instruction. The program includes up to 60 hours of private driving instruction in a truck, up to 50 hours in the classroom including the air brake course, up to 25 hours of in yard training, and up to 5 hours in the truck for course review. On average, the program can take seven weeks to complete. The school offers one-one-one on-the-road training, one-on-four in-yard training and one-on-15 in class theory lessons.


Surrey, BC


Professional Transport Driver Training School

$ $ $ $

About Professional Truck Driver Training School

Professional Truck Driver Training School is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The school offers Class 1 and Class 3 driver training across Manitoba including Class 1 driver training in Brandon. PTDTS is locally owned and operated. Their comprehensive driver training programs are designed to focus on safety and professionalism, with an emphasis on key aspects: delivering hands-on education, building driver confidence, training safety procedures, mastering proper driving techniques and learning rules and regulations. Their mission is to develop and deliver high quality training and services that fulfill the driver education needs of the Manitoba trucking industry. They are proud to assist individuals in working towards a safe and rewarding career as a professional driver. The school is the winner of the 2016and 2017 Consumer Choice Awards for Business Excellence. It is also registered as a private vocational school under the Private Vocational Schools Act.


What You’ll Learn

Professional Truck Driver Training School offers two Class 1 driver training options: A Class 1 244-hour training program and a Class 1 MELT (Mandatory Entry Level Training) program.

The 244-hour program is a 6-week course during which you will be trained in all necessary practical and theoretical skills and have the opportunity to take the Class 1 provincial road test. It is comprised of two weeks in the classroom, four weeks in the yard and in-cab training, and two road tests.

The MELT training program requires a minimal 121.5 hours of training and includes 40.5 hours of in-cab training.


Winnipeg, MB


Canada Trust Driving School

$ $ $ $

About Canada Trust Driving School

Canada Trust Driving School in Vaughan, Ontario offers a full range of professional driver training programs that will allow you to become a professional driver quickly and affordably without compromising on quality. There are courses for tractor trailers (AZ license) straight trucks (DZ license), and buses (BZ and CZ license).

CT has an experienced and certified team of instructors who will provide you with individual attention, allowing you to progress through courses quickly and enjoyably. The school has a diverse fleet of vehicles for training plus innovative programs designed to ensure that you are fully prepared to enter the workforce as a truck or bus driver. Along with services to direct clients, the school also provides services to transportation and commercial vehicle companies in the Greater Toronto Area. These services include a professional driving improvement course (PDIC), Air Brake endorsement certification, air brake adjustment certification, tractor-trailer and truck refreshment training and pre-employment evaluation. English, Persian, Russian, Urdu and Hebrew speaking instructors are available.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll gain the skills and confidence you will need to become a top-quality professional driver, regardless of which kind of trucking career you wish to pursue.

The Class A (Commercial Driver Training Standard) program is a four-week course running Monday to Friday. It consists of 58 hours of vehicle training plus 46 hours of in-class training. It includes 2 road tests and the mandatory Air Brake endorsement course Z. You’ll gain core competencies that include how to drive in harmful conditions or circumstances, the importance of documentation in the movement of goods, completing top quality tractor-trailer safety inspections, defensive driving, equipment handling in compliance with laws and safety standards, communication methods and safe operation of an air brake system.

The Class D program consists of eight hours of automatic transmission training, six hours of manual transmission training, two attempts for the road test with a vehicle provided by the school and training on a bus simulator. By the end of the program, you’ll have received seven certificates including air brake endorsement, air brake adjustment, transportation of dangerous goods, hours of service, border crossing, defensive driving and a Class D diploma.


Vaughn, ON


Canadian Truck Training Centre

$ $ $ $

About Canadian Truck Training Centre

Canadian Truck Training Centre in Mississauga, Ontario prides itself as being one of the most experienced and respected truck driver training schools. The school is located in the heart of the busy Mississauga – Brampton, Toronto corridor, making it a convenient location for many prospective trucking professionals in southern Ontario.

CTTC is registered as a Private Career College and has a staff of qualified, skilled and knowledgeable professionals. The school offers full vocational programs that provide students with one-on-one AZ Tractor Trailer training and licensing. The programs include extensive in-class, in yard and on the road experience that, combined, give you the required practical logged driving hours and extensive knowledge of the rules of the road.

CTTC also offers non-vocational courses such as DZ truck training, air brake endorsement, electronic log book training, defensive driver training plus training in border crossing and in the transportation of dangerous goods. Other non-vocational programs include training and certification on Counter Balance Forklift, Raymond Reach Truck, Cherry Picker, Order Picker, Walkie Pallet, AWP Scissor Lift, WHIMS 2015, Working at Heights and much more.

What You’ll Learn

Completion of the Canadian Truck Training Centre AZ Tractor-Trailer program will qualify you to drive any tractor-trailer combination. You may also drive any vehicle in Class D or G. in four comprehensive weeks, you will receive 116 hours of intensive training that includes 45 classroom hours, 21 hours in the yard and 50 hours of hands-on in-vehicle training.

Program topics include basic driving techniques; professional driving habits; vehicle components and systems; tractor-trailer off-road tasks and maneuvers; documents, paperwork and regulatory requirements; vehicle inspection activities; hours of service compliance; cargo securement and loss prevention; and handling emergencies. Your 50 hours of in-vehicle training includes on-road and off-road driving, driving in traffic, backing and parking, defensive driving. Yard training includes pre- and post-trip inspection preparation, plus coupling and uncoupling the tractor-trailer. The program also includes a 12-hour air brake training course.

The CTTC DZ Truck Driver program is a non-vocational program with courses that include driver and shipper responsibilities, loading and Securing freight, understanding the Dangerous Goods handbook and its use, weight and size regulations. In-yard training includes completing a daily log book; loading and uploading precautions; vehicle inspections constituting identifying key components and systems that are part of the pre- and post-trip inspections; practicing technical driving manoeuvres such as shifting, backing, turning and braking; demonstrating the ability to maneuver the truck in a variety of space, traffic, daylight and weather conditions.


Mississauga, ON


Globe Driving Academy

$ $ $ $

About Globe Driving Academy

Globe Driving School is located in Calgary, Alberta. The staff is proud of their commitment to being a professional, friendly and reliable driver training centre. Their goal is to help students beyond just earning their licence, educating them with the skills and knowledge to help build confidence to be a safe professional driver. The school appreciates their students’ diverse range of experiences: “At Globe Driving School, we know every student comes from a different background and is different and have different capacity for learning, our customized driver lesson plans work with every student till their success.” GDS’s mission is to provide all driving lessons in the most diligent way possible. They are committed to using only the latest equipment and abiding by a strict safety protocol. The school also assists in the process of job searching and placement. Their promise to students is to give extra attention to those who require extra training. They also endeavour to teach skills and concepts that can be used in their career as well as in life.

What Students Are Saying

Down to the tiniest details they got how to teach me in a way that was easy to understand and put empahsis on road safety. Practical classes at the yard were highlight of my days! Thank you for making this such a great experience for me!

Roberto Roldan, Class 1 License

What You’ll Learn

A Class 1 Licence is the requirement to become a commercial truck driver in Alberta. With it, you can drive any vehicle or a combination of vehicles, the only exception being a motorcycle.

Globe Driving Academy’s Class 1 driver training program has multiple components: in-yard training, classroom training and one-on-one behind-the-wheel training. The total number hours of training required for course completion is 121.5. It will typically take a student six weeks to complete the training.

The Class 1 MELT (Mandatory Entry Level Training) program can be taken with or without the air brake course, depending on whether you have already completed an air brake training course. With the air brake course, the program consists of 57 hours of in-truck training, 17.5 hours of in-yard training and 47 hours on in-classroom training.

Students who have already completed the air brakes course training and have either the “Q” endorsement on their driver’s licence or a valid air brake endorsement certificate would complete the program without the air brakes component. Their program would require less hours of training and would come at a lesser price.


Calgary, AB


Crossroads Truck Training Academy

$ $ $ $

About Crossroads Truck Training Academy

Crossroads Truck Training Academy is located in Barrie, Ontario. One of the country’s top truck driver training programs, the company has trained over 2,000 entry level commercial drivers. Crossroads are specialists in adult education for transportation training. They have developed a professional commercial driver program that is customized to suit your specific needs and will have you behind the wheel quickly and safely. The reasons to choose Crossroads are numerous and include 20 years experience in developing a comprehensive curriculum and honing its training expertise, tuition assistance options and placement assistance.

Crossroads also provides transportation consulting, and training for defensive driving, hours of service and transportation of dangerous goods. The instructional personnel have over 160 years of combined commercial driving experience and have all held major positions in carrier operations. The Crossroads training fleet consists of clean and well-maintained vehicles that are selected for ease of training. The equipment replicates equipment used in domestic and international commerce.

What You’ll Learn 

Crossroads offers a full slate of transportation training programs including AZ Tractor Trailer, DZ Straight Truck, DZ Fast Track, CZ Coach Bus, CZ School Bus, Air Brake/Z Endorsement, and a School Bus Improvement Course.

The AZ training program is a five or six week program that consists of two weeks of classroom training plus three to four weeks of in-truck training. New courses typically begin every second Monday. The classroom training components include employment in the commercial vehicle industry, vehicle components and systems, basic driving techniques, professional driving habits, tractor-trailer off-road tasks and maneuvers, documents, paperwork and regulatory requirements, plus vehicles inspections, hours of service compliance, cargo securement, handling emergencies and Z endorsement for air brakes. Course are available weekdays both full-time and part-time.

The DZ Straight Truck training program is a four-week program with two weeks of classroom training and two weeks of in-truck training. Classroom components include vehicle components and systems, basic driving techniques, professional driving habits, straight truck off-road tasks and maneuvers, documents, paperwork and regulatory requirements, plus vehicle inspections hours of service requirements, cargo securement, handling emergencies and Z endorsement for air brakes. Week 3 is designated for heavy transmission training. Week 4 is designated for straight truck training.


Barrie, ON


Best Canadian Truck & Forklift Training Centre

$ $ $ $

About Best Canadian Truck and Forklift Training Centre

Best Canadian Truck and Forklift Training Centre is located in Brampton, Ontario. The school prides itself on being committed to providing students with the best quality services and training, to ensure they are guaranteed to meet industry standards. They have experienced instructors who provide one-on-one training. The school values safety as their top priority: “We passionately care about public safety and make sure our students and instructors are well trained to follow safety standards both at roads and workplace.” Their values guide their actions: “Our values define who we are and guide our actions and behavior. We respect our employees and customers. We understand our customers need and expectations and focus on exceeding these expectations.” They are open 7 days a week for your convenience and assist students in finding jobs.

What You’ll Learn

Best Canadian Truck and Forklift Training Centre offers a five-week, 115-hour comprehensive AZ training program. Topics consist of vehicle components and systems, basic driving techniques, professional driving habits, tractor-trailer off-road tasks and maneuvers, documents, paperwork and regulatory requirements, vehicle inspection activities, hours of service compliance, cargo securement and loss prevention, handling emergencies plus employment in the commercial vehicle industry. As a student, you will receive 50 hours of one-on-one on-road and off-road training in various situations, including driving in traffic, backing and parking, defensive driving and more. You will also get 17 hours of in yard training including pre- and post-trip inspections, coupling and uncoupling. Additionally, you will get 12 hours of air brake training.

The school’s DZ training program provides students with basic practical and theoretical training. The non-vocational program includes components such as basic driving techniques, defensive driving, pre- and post-trip inspection activities, safety regulations, driving emergencies, fuel-efficient driving, traffic and road management, hours of service and distracted driving.

The school also offers an AZ refresher course, forklift training of various types and an air brake course.


Brampton, ON


Toronto Truck Driving School

$ $ $ $

About Toronto Truck Driving School

Toronto Truck Driving School was founded in 1991 and has locations in Toronto, Cambridge and Ottawa. The commercial truck driving academy is focused on empowering students with practical skills and a thorough knowledge of the industry. TTDS has over 25 years of experience in training thousands of drivers for employment in a variety of transportation-related careers. They are a member of the Truck Training School’s Association of Ontario (TTSAO) and are an accredited institution under the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. The school prides itself on providing students with quality instruction in a comfortable environment. Their goal is preparing commercial drivers for employment by way of the “TTDS Quality Difference,” focusing on 7 key points:

  • Experienced instructors with years of industry experience
  • One-on-one training on the road
  • Emphasis on practical hands-on training
  • Industry recognition for skilled employees
  • Small class sizes that encourage dialogue and discussion
  • 2.5-acre training facility in the heart of the GTA
  • Open seven days a week for your convenience

What Students Are Saying

First try I passed my AZ test. Good equipment and good instructors who know the MELT program like the back of their hands. Pardeep Manhas was my main instructor and he was solid. I've heard of another instructor being impatient and a bit rude, but I can't say much about that based on my personal experience. A+ for TTDS.

Haz Zomero, Class A MELT Tractor Trailer Driving Program

What You’ll Learn

All three locations – Toronto, Cambridge and Ottawa – offer the primary AZ (tractor-trailer) and DZ (straight truck) courses, plus the Class Z Air Brake Course and the MELT Tractor Trailer Driving program. The Toronto location offers additional courses in Class B, C, E, F, Heavy Equipment training, School Bus Driver and BZ Advanced Standing.

The AZ program is four to five weeks in length and consists of 103.5 hours of in-class, in-truck and in the yard learning. Training includes but is not limited to basic operating and vehicle manoeuvring skills, rules and practices for safe operation and the environmental conditions that effect equipment performance. Upon course completion, students will have earned: an AZ Commercial Driver Training Certificate, a certificate from the TTSAO that shows graduates are insurable drivers with all major insurance companies, a Class AZ License from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, plus WHMIS, PDIC, and Dangerous Goods Certification.

Students seeking Class D training, can register for a combination of programs depending on their experience and needs. Each driving lesson is scheduled for one hour. Topics covered include defensive driving, highway training, safety requirements, emergency procedures, turning, backing, shifting, pre-trip inspections, route planning, cargo and load security, air brakes practical and safety inspections, and regulatory and legal requirements in Canada and the US. Training is completed on a 48-passenger automatic school bus. This vehicle is approved by the MTO for D Class testing. However, students who would like to obtain their D class licence as well as their Z (airbrake endorsement) will also be required to complete the Z air brake course.

Lessons can be scheduled seven days a week, from 8am to 10pm.


Toronto, ON


5th Wheel Training Institute

$ $ $ $

About 5th Wheel training Institute

5th Wheel Training Institute is located in London, Ontario. There are two campuses, in the London-Sarnia corridor and in the North Bay- Timmins area. The school prides itself on a dedication to quality, up-to-date curriculum and industry specific training. They are guided by their mission, to “continue to be accessible and set the standard for industry training through creativity, innovation, elite service and mutual respect for everyone.” Their stated values similarly align: quality, innovation, integrity, respect, professionalism and teamwork. The words of president Ed Popkie sum up what the school is all about: “We are proud to be a part of your new career. Your career, our team. Both go hand in hand. That is what we believe and this is the reason for placing our students first when we develop and deliver our programs. We know that we are only as good as our ability to make you successful.”

What You’ll Learn

The school offers three options for AZ truck driver training. The school has made its program outlines publicly available on their website. Options range from “Truck Driver AZ”, which offers two certificates over six weeks and 150 hours or training, up to a joint AZ and Heavy Equipment Certification program completed over 9 weeks, in which 5 certificates are awarded over 280 hours.


London, ON

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