Best Coding Bootcamps of 2021

Last updated May 10, 2021

We interviewed bootcamp founders and recent graduates, pored over job placement data, took a deep dive into the curriculum, and toured campuses across the country to determine which coding bootcamps are truly delivering a positive return on investment (ROI) for their students in 2021. If you’re interested in learning to code, here are the best places to begin a new career journey.

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BrainStation 4.75/5

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Lighthouse Labs 4.75/5

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Juno College 4.95/5

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General Assembly 4.7/5

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WeCloudData 5/5

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CodeCore 4.75/5

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Red Academy 4.8/5

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$ $ $ $

BrainStation is a global leader in digital skills training. BrainStation empowers individuals and organizations to achieve digital success through courses, workshops, events and corporate training.

BrainStation’s Education team of 250 industry professionals has trained over 100,000 people through campuses in New York, San Jose, Toronto and Vancouver.

What Sets BrainStation Apart?   

BrainStation’s LMS (Learning Management System), Synapse, is among the most sophisticated on offer in Canada. The live online learning platform allows students to attend live lectures, collaborate with other professionals, and get immediate feedback from instructors — wherever they are.

What Students Are Saying

After graduating University with an Undergrad in Business, I wanted to grow my technical skillset to adapt to the digital world we live in. BrainStation sparked my attention with their state of the art campuses, curriculum and online live learning capabilities. I have completed their Product Management, Data Analytics, Data Science and Web Development Courses and must say it has been a terrific experience. - Their instructors are great and knowledgable in their respected fields - Their campuses are unique trendy locations which makes learning even more enjoyable - Their staff are friendly, helpful and want their students to have the best experience - Their online live courses are a game changer having the ability to take a live course with classmates all around the world - The BrainStation community is positive environment where you find like minded individuals with a passion for technology and life long learning Overall, I highly recommend anyone to pursue a course at BrainStation to gain a new skill and embrace life long learning!

Kal Simonis, Web Development

What You’ll Learn

BrainStation offers full and part-time courses in web development, UX/UI design, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Product Management and Cybersecurity. Explore BrainStation’s full course catalogue, tuition and upcoming start dates near you.


Online, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Boston


Lighthouse Labs

$ $ $ $

Lighthouse Labs was created as an experiment in 2013 by a group of software developers with a passion for code, mentorship, and education. The school’s mission: to continuously find the best ways to train the next generation of developers and to transform the way tech education is delivered. Over two years later, Lighthouse Labs is still chasing that same mission.

What Sets Lighthouse Labs Apart?   

When it comes to in-person training, Lighthouse Labs offers a more expansive geographic reach than any other Canadian coding bootcamp, with campuses from Vancouver to Halifax, with many stops in between. The college maintains a high job placement rate (95 percent within 180 days of graduation), high average student salary ($84,908), and high graduation rate (91 percent). In 2020, Lighthouse Labs committed $1 million in needs-based scholarship funding to new students. It also decided to build on its success educating the future coding workforce with new courses in data analytics and data science, including the new data science bootcamp.

What Students Are Saying

What I loved about my experience is that it gave me the structure I needed to learn the right skills in the right order. Lighthouse gave me the tools I needed to explore answers on my own to just about every problem I encountered. And the teachers were amazing; more like career coaches and coding gurus than teachers, it felt like at times. I didn’t expect much from career services, but I was actually blown away. Everyone in my class landed interviews as a direct result of Lighthouse Labs’ career support, and all but one had a job as a junior developer 3 months after graduation. One bonus of my experience is that I’ve begun getting requests to build websites from family and friends, and will hack away on weekends earning a not insignificant side income this year!

Anthony, Online Web Development Bootcamp

What You’ll Learn

Lighthouse Labs offers full- and part-time courses in web development, iOS development and front-end fundamentals with JavaScript. Explore Lighthouse Lab’s full course catalogue, including tuition and upcoming start dates near you.


Online, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa, Victoria, Calgary


Juno College

$ $ $ $

At Juno College (formerly HackerYou), you get more than just a couple of awesome projects for your portfolio. When you make the decision to learn with Juno, you’re taking a big leap. It means you’re ready for change in your professional life. Juno’s goal is to give you the tools necessary to succeed. With that vision in mind, the Juno experience is tailored to you, and that’s why it’s among the top-rated tech schools in Toronto.

What Sets Juno College Apart?   

Juno, perhaps more than any other bootcamp, boasts a summer camp vibe and almost cult-like community following. The school is well-known for helping graduates foster close professional relationships within Toronto’s tech community and beyond.

Juno was the first coding bootcamp in Canada to offer Income Share Agreements (ISAs), which allow students taking its Web Development Immersive Bootcamp to pay tuition of just $1 until they land a full-time job in their field.

What Students Are Saying

I took the Web Dev course at Juno. At first I was nervous, as I was learning a brand new skill and I was intimidated by the field. But, everyone I dealt with at Juno made it not only something that was extremely approachable and worked with my learning style, everyone from Juno was so kind and fun to work with. Highly recommend. Amazing course. 

Hayley Elsaesser, Web Development

What You’ll Learn

Juno offers full and part-time courses in web development and UX/UI design. Explore CourseCompare’s dynamic course catalogue with tuition and upcoming start dates near you.


Online, Toronto


General Assembly

$ $ $ $

Since 2011, General Assembly has transformed tens of thousands of careers through pioneering, experiential education in today’s most in-demand skills. When you learn web development, data, design, business, and more with GA, you get award-winning curriculum and expert instructors, on campus and online; a global, professional community of 40,000-plus full- and part-time alumni; and career results from leading-edge courses, with mentorship each step of the way.

What Sets General Assembly Apart?   

In 2016, Bitmaker Labs in Toronto was acquired by U.S.-based education company General Assembly. Under General Assembly, the Toronto campus joins 20+ others worldwide, with access to a global network of more than 10,000 hiring partners. Bitmaker practically pioneered the free in-class workshop among Toronto-based coding bootcamps–a tradition that continues today with General Assembly.

What Students Are Saying

The course teaches you the popular languages and frameworks but the emphasis is on teaching you the skills and tools you need to learn things on your own, reflective of real-life scenarios. Site visits to tech companies and guest lectures provided excellent insights into the industry. Lastly, but probably most importantly, the part of the curriculum focusing on career strategies will teach you the most effective job-finding strategies, including networking, applications, and interviews — IF you’re willing to put in the work! Overall an amazing experience that helped me start a new career as a software developer.

Dmitry, Web Development

What You’ll Learn

General Assembly offers full- and part-time courses in web development, UX/UI design, digital marketing and product management.


Online, Toronto, U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia



$ $ $ $

WeCloudData continues to evolve with customized bootcamps focused on data science and big data knowledge — but with plenty of coding education on offer for the data engineering inclined. The Toronto-based bootcamp bills itself as a leading data science education and career service provider in Canada. The school is known for serving as a bridge between devoted and passionate data scientists and companies who need help with challenging business problems in data analytics.

What Sets WeCloudData Apart?

WeCloudData may not be Canada’s best bootcamp for learning front-end development, but when it comes to Python, SQL and coding for data engineers, it shines. WeCloudData was one of the first bootcamps in Canada to offer advanced training in data science, and its co-founder, Shaohua Zhang, still spends plenty of time in the classroom, where he consistently gets top marks for teaching. Before co-founding WeCloudData, Zhang taught big data at Ryerson University and managed research and development projects at Blackberry.

What Students Are Saying

Good news - you can stop searching! I did all the research I could before making the decision to do the Immersive Data Science Bootcamp at WeCloudData and after completing it, I can confidently say it's the best option you can choose. Shaohua and Vinny are extremely knowledgable instructors and genuinely care about your progress during the bootcamp and in finding a job afterwards. You will learn everything you need to know for entry level DA/DS/DE jobs: Stats, Webscraping, SQL, Python, Machine Learning, Big Data. It's all covered thoroughly and efficiently. Like most education it will be what you make of it and the program is rigorous so I recommend pausing your life for a few months. The client projects they offer give you legit on-the-job experience and are very helpful during the job search. Not long after I completed the course I was offered a job that exceeded all of my expectations. Many of my classmates had similar results. Lastly, I knew 2 people that took both the WCD bootcamp and $65K+ Masters of Analytics and they both said WCD was clearly superior. If you're not convinced, then do what I did and try out one of their part-time courses to see if it's a good fit.

Todd S., Data Science Diploma

What You’ll Learn

After a short hiatus, WeCloudData’s full-time Data Science Diploma program is back. For developers looking to deepen their big data skills, part-time courses in SQL, Python and applied machine learning round out the school’s most popular offerings. For those interested in cloud computing, WeCloudData also runs the only AWS big data specialty course among Canadian bootcamps.





$ $ $ $

CodeCore Developer Bootcamp is an intensive in-person training program in professional web development that runs for 12 weeks at a time, 6 times a year, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

CodeCore program administrators work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Great companies such as Wishpond, ZOZI, Clio, Sage, ModernAdvisor, and BMC have formed partnerships with CodeCore, and organizations such as Simon Fraser University, and Canadian Women in Communications have also built relationships with us.

CodeCore Developer Bootcamp is a program of CodeCore, which is recognized by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education as a PTIB Designated Institution.

What Sets CodeCore Apart?   

Interested in learning full-stack web development? CodeCore offers training across a breadth of programming languages in a notoriously intensive study environment (students arrive on campus at 8:00AM each weekday and get plenty of coaching time from instructors who stay late into the evening). To help improve workplace diversity, CodeCore offers all female students a $500 scholarship upon enrolment into its full-time coding bootcamp.

What Students Are Saying

Whether you are a junior or intermediate developer or recently graduate from school, CodeCore is one of the places you can start a new career. 12 weeks intense course help you to boost your career path. Needless to say it reuires hardworking. It is recommended people without CS background just take part-time courses and if they found they can go further then try full-time course. CodeCore is a friendly and positive environment which has proved its name in Vancouver for years by educating great developers.

Amir, Web Development Bootcamp

What You’ll Learn

CodeCore offers a beginner Fundamentals course and a full-time, three-month bootcamp with JavaScript, Ruby (and Rails), HTML and CSS.




Red Academy

$ $ $ $

*Update: RED Academy closed its Toronto and Vancouver campuses in April 2020. Click here to learn more.

RED Academy, which stands for “redefining education,” believes tech needs more talent, more innovation, and more inclusivity. Yet despite the demand, traditional models of post-secondary education are not preparing students for an industry that’s constantly changing. So, RED Academy decided to do something about it.

RED is for people who want fulfilling, innovative, and important work. It’s for having creative freedom, for making connections, and for having a say in what happens next. It’s for designing your tomorrow.

What Sets RED Academy Apart?   

One thing that truly differentiates RED Academy from its competitors is a unique combination of in-class instruction and hands-on learning assignments—such as developing websites or digital marketing strategies—for real companies within RED’s community network.

What Students Are Saying

Studying at RED Academy has to be one of the greatest, and most motivating experiences of my life! I came to RED after working as a line-cook for 2 years with no relevant experience and without a high-school diploma. All I had was a desire to succeed and to learn. Every step of the way I was mentored and pushed to achieve my goal, whether from the incredible instructors, Personal Professional Development sessions or the amazing people I learned alongside. I took the Web and App development programs and was taught by Carlos and Ali who are some of the most knowledgeable and approachable guys I've ever met. They really teach you not only how to code, but how to think and figure out problems on your own! All of my classmates to my knowledge are now employed and I myself have just accepted a dream job offer. I highly recommend the programs at RED if you are looking for a quick effective career swap, this is the place!

Riley MacDonald,

What You’ll Learn

RED Academy offers a wide range of full and part-time courses in web development, digital marketing and UX/UI design, including specializations in Paid Advertising, SEO & content marketing, and more. Explore RED Academy’s full course catalogue, including tuition and upcoming start dates near you.


Vancouver, Edmonton

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  1. Recently finished a web development bootcamp and loved it! So glad I took the time to focus on learning, and it was an amazing experience to kick start a new career. For anyone that is not 100% sure if a bootcamp is right for them, the part time course offer an opportunity to explore HTML, JavaScript or UX. It’s also a great way to make sure you are prepared for an intensive bootcamp, and some of the fees can be deducted from the full time tuition.

  2. So helpful! My employer paid for me to attend a part-time UX course — I’m halfway done — but I can already see a huge difference at work. I’m an account manager at a PR agency, and now I can work confidently with developers AND “creatives” to get products built for my clients. I used the Ontario Job Grant. Check it out:

  3. Red Academy is closed. Doesn’t exist anymore. Lighthouse Labs is seriously the best of the bunch. I’ve attended both Brainstation and LHL and it’s no comparison between the two. LHL is all substance, Brainstation is all surface.

  4. Im glad you commented, I am comparing LHL and Brainstation for the Web Dev boot camp, it seems Brainstation has a lot more to offer as far as finding work after completion, could you shed some light further on why you liked LHL better? It would really help me.

  5. I am also torn between selecting the best option. I have been accepted for lighthouselabs, applied for juno as well(no communication from them for a week now). I have previous coding experience and for me the most important factor is career support. Some more comments/ review from alumni would be appreciated.

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