Best Coding Bootcamps of 2019


We interviewed bootcamp founders and recent graduates, pored over job placement data, took a deep dive into the curriculum, and toured campuses across the country to determine which coding bootcamps are truly delivering a positive return on investment (ROI) for their students in 2019. If you’re interested in learning to code, here are the best places to begin a new career journey.


HackerYou 4.95/5 (57 reviews)

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Red Academy 4.95/5 (17 reviews)

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Lighthouse Labs 4.8/5 (11 reviews)

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BrainStation 4.75/5 (44 reviews)

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Bitmaker 4.65/5 (11 reviews)

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CodeCore 4.65/5 (3 reviews)

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4.95 out of 5
4.95/5 (57 reviews)
$ $ $ $

HackerYou is on a mission to offer the best learning experiences for people who want to learn coding, design or other digital skills. The school’s recipe is a combination of hands-on, project-based learning from industry-leading professionals. Courses feature small classes and a 10:1 ratio of students to instructors, hosted at a custom-designed 12,000 square foot learning centre in downtown Toronto.

What Sets HackerYou Apart?   

HackerYou, perhaps more than any other bootcamp, boasts a summer camp vibe and almost cult-like community following. The school is well-known for helping graduates foster close professional relationships within Toronto’s tech community and beyond.

What Students Are Saying

The experience of the bootcamp was definitely intense, but it allowed me to learn current languages and skills that are wanted by employers (React, JavaScript, SASS, etc) in a time period that minimized how long I was out of work. On top of this, having never been a person who enjoyed traditional school, the project-based strategy that focuses on learning by doing really worked for me. One month after completing the program, I just landed by first job as a Front End Developer and I know that I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without HackerYou. I would highly recommend HY to anyone who is curious about web development, or those who are interested in changing their career – you won’t regret it!

Scott Fuller, Web Development Immersive


HackerYou offers full and part-time courses in web development and UX/UI design. Explore Course Compare’s dynamic course catalogue, with tuition and upcoming start dates near you, for HackerYou.




Red Academy

4.95 out of 5
4.95/5 (17 reviews)
$ $ $ $

RED Academy, which stands for “redefining education,” believes tech needs more talent, more innovation, and more inclusivity. Yet despite the demand, traditional models of post-secondary education are not preparing students for an industry that’s constantly changing. So, RED Academy decided to do something about it.

RED is for people who want fulfilling, innovative, and important work. It’s for having creative freedom, for making connections, and for having a say in what happens next. It’s for designing your tomorrow.

What Sets RED Academy Apart?   

One thing that truly differentiates RED Academy from its competitors is a unique combination of in-class instruction and hands-on learning assignments—such as developing websites or digital marketing strategies—for real companies within RED’s community network.

What Students Are Saying

Studying at RED Academy has to be one of the greatest, and most motivating experiences of my life! I came to RED after working as a line-cook for 2 years with no relevant experience and without a high-school diploma. All I had was a desire to succeed and to learn. Every step of the way I was mentored and pushed to achieve my goal, whether from the incredible instructors, Personal Professional Development sessions or the amazing people I learned alongside. I took the Web and App development programs and was taught by Carlos and Ali who are some of the most knowledgeable and approachable guys I've ever met. They really teach you not only how to code, but how to think and figure out problems on your own! All of my classmates to my knowledge are now employed and I myself have just accepted a dream job offer. I highly recommend the programs at RED if you are looking for a quick effective career swap, this is the place!

Riley MacDonald, Web Developer Professional


RED Academy offers a wide range of full and part-time courses in web development, digital marketing and UX/UI design, including specializations in Paid Advertising, SEO & content marketing, and more. Explore RED Academy’s full course catalogue, including tuition and upcoming start dates near you.


Toronto, Vancouver, London


Lighthouse Labs

4.8 out of 5
4.8/5 (11 reviews)
$ $ $ $

Lighthouse Labs was created as an experiment in 2013 by a group of software developers with a passion for code, mentorship, and education. The school’s mission: to continuously find the best ways to train the next generation of developers and to transform the way tech education is delivered. Over two years later, Lighthouse Labs is still chasing that same mission.

What Sets Lighthouse Labs Apart?   

Lighthouse Labs is one of the few top-ranked bootcamps to focus exclusively on web development. (It’s also currently the only bootcamp to offer a blockchain course for web developers.)

What Students Are Saying

What I loved about my experience is that it gave me the structure I needed to learn the right skills in the right order. Lighthouse gave me the tools I needed to explore answers on my own to just about every problem I encountered. And the teachers were amazing; more like career coaches and coding gurus than teachers, it felt like at times. I didn’t expect much from career services, but I was actually blown away. Everyone in my class landed interviews as a direct result of Lighthouse Labs’ career support, and all but one had a job as a junior developer 3 months after graduation. One bonus of my experience is that I’ve begun getting requests to build websites from family and friends, and will hack away on weekends earning a not insignificant side income this year!

Anthony, Web Development Bootcamp


Lighthouse Labs offers full- and part-time courses in web development, iOS development and front-end fundamentals with JavaScript. Explore Lighthouse Lab’s full course catalogue, including tuition and upcoming start dates near you.


Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa, Victoria, Calgary



4.75 out of 5
4.75/5 (44 reviews)
$ $ $ $

BrainStation is a global leader in digital skills training. BrainStation empowers individuals and organizations to achieve digital success through courses, workshops, events and corporate training.

BrainStation’s Education team of 250 industry professionals has trained over 50,000 people through campuses in New York, San Jose, Toronto and Vancouver.

What Sets BrainStation Apart?   

BrainStation recently unveiled its new proprietary LMS (Learning Management System) to support online live learning. The new online learning platform allows you to attend live lectures, collaborate with other professionals, and get immediate feedback from instructors–wherever you are.

What Students Are Saying

Insane. That was the only word I could think of as I learned more about the school. I thought to myself that there is no way that a person like myself would ever learn so much information in such a short amount of time. Sure, I had a background in Computer Networking, but I did not feel that having such a background would help me that much. Fast-forward 3 months later, I am now confident in building a web application from scratch. From creating the look I was going for on the front-end to the overall functionality and communication on the back-end… If you are someone who is looking for a quick career change (and I really mean quick), BrainStation is the place to go.  

Patrick Isaac, Web Development


BrainStation offers full and part-time courses in web development, UX/UI design, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Product Management and Cybersecurity. Explore BrainStation’s full course catalogue, tuition and upcoming start dates near you.


Online, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Boston



4.65 out of 5
4.65/5 (11 reviews)
$ $ $ $

Startup accelerators launch companies. Bitmaker launches careers. It starts by surrounding you with a cohort of highly motivated, entrepreneurial learners and a team of tech industry leaders. Bitmaker’s immersive programs have graduated hundreds of students and helped them launch new careers in tech. Hundreds more students have added skills to their existing career with our part-time classes.

What Sets Bitmaker Labs Apart?   

In 2016, Bitmaker Labs was acquired by U.S.-based education company General Assembly. Bitmaker General Assembly, as it’s now called, says the acquisition grants alumni access to global learning and career resources across a network of 25 cities.


What Students Are Saying

Bitmaker was a launching pad for me into a better career with higher pay and more interesting work. Overall, I'd recommend the web development program to anyone who is serious about making a career change. The instructors were knowledgable, friendly and totally committed to student success. The curriculum was pretty broad, but you'll be taught fundamental concepts, skills and tools needed to learn on your own, which is what you'll need to do to succeed as a professional developer anyway. Just be prepared to work independently and ask a lot of questions. You'll have amazing resources available to you pretty much 24/7. My only advice for Bitmaker is to work on its career services. The school has only one full-time career support person (an outcomes advisor). She's truly excellent at her job and helped me communicate my value and prepare for interviews, but she was a bit stretched working with so many students. Part-time advisors could help smooth out this part of the experience. If you doubt Bitmaker can get you a great job--don't. I'm living proof that with hard work, determination and the right education and direction, you can change your career and your life!

Jason, Web Development


Bitmaker offers full- and part-time courses in web development, UX/UI design, Digital Marketing and Product Management. Explore Bitmaker Lab’s full course catalogue, including tuition and upcoming start dates near you.





4.65 out of 5
4.65/5 (3 reviews)
$ $ $ $

CodeCore Developer Bootcamp is an intensive in-person training program in professional web development that runs for 12 weeks at a time, 6 times a year, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

CodeCore program administrators work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Great companies such as Wishpond, ZOZI, Clio, Sage, ModernAdvisor, and BMC have formed partnerships with CodeCore, and organizations such as Simon Fraser University, and Canadian Women in Communications have also built relationships with us.

CodeCore Developer Bootcamp is a program of CodeCore, which is recognized by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education as a PTIB Designated Institution.

What Sets CodeCore Apart?   

Interested in learning full-stack web development? CodeCore offers training across a breadth of programming languages in a notoriously intensive study environment (students arrive on campus at 8:00AM each weekday and get plenty of coaching time from instructors who stay late into the evening). To help improve workplace diversity, CodeCore offers all female students a $500 scholarship upon enrolment into its full-time coding bootcamp.

What Students Are Saying

The greatest thing about CodeCore is that you're taught by the founder. Tam is an amazing teacher who will go the extra mile to help you become a developer. Overall, a great coding bootcamp experience with plenty of after-class support!

Amir, Web Development Bootcamp

CodeCore offers a beginner Fundamentals course and a full-time, three-month bootcamp with JavaScript, Ruby (and Rails), HTML and CSS.



Have you attended a coding bootcamp? Tell us about your learning experience for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card.

Interested in getting matched to a training program near you? Explore Canada’s best web development courses.



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  1. Recently finished a web development bootcamp and loved it! So glad I took the time to focus on learning, and it was an amazing experience to kick start a new career. For anyone that is not 100% sure if a bootcamp is right for them, the part time course offer an opportunity to explore HTML, JavaScript or UX. It’s also a great way to make sure you are prepared for an intensive bootcamp, and some of the fees can be deducted from the full time tuition.

  2. So helpful! My employer paid for me to attend a part-time UX course — I’m halfway done — but I can already see a huge difference at work. I’m an account manager at a PR agency, and now I can work confidently with developers AND “creatives” to get products built for my clients. I used the Ontario Job Grant. Check it out:

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