Recently been accepted by Canada as Permanent Residents

Last updated March 15, 2024

My wife and I have recently been accepted by Canada as Permanent Residents, and we definitely couldn’t have done it with out Eren Sari and his team at Green and Spiegel! There is an immense amount of paperwork from the provincial and federal authorities to be sorted through, and the government expects it to all be meticulously correct. Thankfully Eren and his team helped us organize everything (we applied via Quebec Investor Class — I can’t imagine how anyone could successfully apply through that route without professional help) and get it in appropriate order, submit to the right places, etc, for both the provincial and federal processes. They also had the experience from doing this many times that they could often give us hints about how far along we were in the oftentimes opaque process and what we could expect next and approximately when. I definitely strongly recommend Green and Spiegel, and Eren Sari’s team, if you are considering immigrating to Canada or moving to a new stage of that process.

Sarah Lesh