Very personal and specific to your case

Last updated March 14, 2024

Excellent consultation meeting. We were finished well before the hour. They know what they are doing. Its very personal and specific to your case. Not a generic list of documents required.
Was able to negotiate a lumpsum quote which was a must for me. Was transparent, Fair and helped me manage my funds well.
Excellent responsiveness to emails. Avoided unnecessary meetings and worked well for me. As scheduling meetings during weekdays is not easy for most people.

First of all, I had applied previously my self and got rejected. I hired McCrea law to help us resolve the issue and we decided that it was not worth the time and money to contest my application in court but was easiest to just reapply. I want to say that the paid consultation is a bargain as we were able to put together the document list required specific to my case and not a generic document package. This is a HUGE advantage of a lawyer vs a consultant.

Ask for Kyle!
Multiple instances of CIC requesting more information came in (due to my case not because we missed something). All of them were handled so well honestly, any documents we could not readily provide he was able to recommend something equivalent or better that satisfied the request.

Kyle went above and beyond to walk us through the travel restrictions imposed on some countries(I was travelling from Pakistan). Even got us a travel authorization in 24 hours which was a great gesture.

Worth every penny.

Sarah Lesh