The Best Vancouver Coding Bootcamps of 2024

Last updated November 21, 2023

Canadian coding bootcamps are helping close the skills gap with industry-backed curriculum, innovative funding models, and an emphasis on career success — and Vancouver’s top-rated bootcamps are no exception.

Here, from CourseCompare’s annual ranking of the country’s top coding bootcamps, are the best places in Vancouver to begin a career in web development, data science, product management, digital marketing or UX design in 2024.


BrainStation 4.7/5

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Lighthouse Labs 4.85/5

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CodeCore 4.75/5

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Vancouver Institute of Media Arts 4.35/5

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Red Academy 4.8/5

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$ $ $ $

Located at Granville and W Pender, BrainStation’s Vancouver campus boasts 20,000 square-foot of vibrant community space befitting of a digital skills training company with global ambitions. The campus, as with the school’s campus in Toronto, offers digital training in web development, data science, digital marketing, UX and UI design, and product management.

What Sets BrainStation Apart?   

BrainStation’s LMS (Learning Management System), Synapse, is among the most sophisticated on offer in Canada. The live online learning platform allows students to attend live lectures, collaborate with other professionals, and get immediate feedback from instructors–wherever they are.

BrainStation is also one of the first colleges in Canada to offer Income Share Agreements (ISAs), which allow students to pay tuition only after they secure full-time work in their chosen fields of study. ISAs can be used for online or in-class diploma programs in web development, data science, UX design and digital marketing.

What Students Are Saying

I knew I would learn the technical skills involved in web development but I got so much more out of the experience than I ever would have expected. BrainStation has made me a more confident person and has helped me find what I really want to do with my career path. The culture in the classroom is unlike the culture I've experienced in traditional schooling - everyone is a lot more supportive of one another and not only focused on their own progression. I learned how to learn quickly and apply quickly - a lasting skill that will definitely be beneficial in the web dev industry in the long run.

Jessica Kwok, Web Development Diploma


BrainStation offers full and part-time courses in web development, UX/UI design, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Product Management and Cybersecurity. Explore BrainStation’s full course catalogue, tuition and upcoming start dates for Vancouver.


Online, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Boston


Lighthouse Labs

$ $ $ $

Lighthouse Labs Vancouver calls Devhub, a modern co-working space designed to bring developers together, its home in Western Canada. The space is a collective of developers from all spectrums of the tech world.

Lighthouse Labs was created as an experiment in 2013 by a group of software developers with a passion for code, mentorship, and education. The school’s mission: to continuously find the best ways to train the next generation of developers and to transform the way tech education is delivered. Over two years later, Lighthouse Labs is still chasing that same mission.

What Sets Lighthouse Labs Apart?   

Lighthouse Labs is one of the few top-ranked bootcamps to focus exclusively on web development, with depth in full-stack development unsurpassed by many Canadian coding bootcamps. (It’s also currently the only bootcamp to offer a blockchain course for web developers.)

What Students Are Saying

Lighthouse Labs is all about community; a community of people who will push you to your limits while building you up into something better than you thought you could be. My bootcamp experience was second-to-none. I'm extremely grateful to the teachers, mentors and staff who helped me through my career transition. Totally unforgettable experience.

Erin, Web Development Bootcamp


Lighthouse Labs offers full- and part-time courses in web development, iOS development and front-end fundamentals with JavaScript. In spring 2020, the bootcamp added data science to its roster with an intro to data analytics course and full-time data science diploma program. Explore Lighthouse Lab’s full course catalogue, including tuition and upcoming start dates near you.


Online, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa, Victoria, Calgary



$ $ $ $

Despite steady growth since opening in 2013, including the introduction of new business courses, CodeCore has remained loyal to its west coast roots. The only-offered-in-Vancouver bootcamp is best known for its intensive in-person training program in professional web development that runs for 12 weeks at a time, 6 times a year, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

CodeCore program administrators work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Great companies such as Wishpond, ZOZI, Clio, Sage, ModernAdvisor, and BMC have formed partnerships with CodeCore, and organizations such as Simon Fraser University, and Canadian Women in Communications have also built relationships with us.

What Sets CodeCore Apart?   

CodeCore offers training across a breadth of programming languages in a notoriously intensive study environment (students arrive on campus at 8:00AM each weekday and get plenty of coaching time from instructors who stay late into the evening). To help improve workplace diversity, CodeCore offers all female students a $500 scholarship upon enrolment into its full-time coding bootcamp.

What Students Are Saying

Whether you are a junior or intermediate developer or recently graduate from school, CodeCore is one of the places you can start a new career. 12 weeks intense course help you to boost your career path. Needless to say it reuires hardworking. It is recommended people without CS background just take part-time courses and if they found they can go further then try full-time course. CodeCore is a friendly and positive environment which has proved its name in Vancouver for years by educating great developers.

Amir, Web Development Bootcamp


CodeCore offers a beginner Fundamentals course and a full-time, three-month bootcamp with JavaScript, Ruby (and Rails), HTML and CSS.




Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

$ $ $ $

VanArts was founded in 1995 with Academy-Award winning animator/director Lee Mishkin as its founding program director. Recognizing the industry’s need for a skilled and specialized workforce, for over 20 years VanArts has offered a variety of highly focused diploma programs designed to prepare students for work in specific areas of the media arts including Visual Effects Production, Game Art & Design, Character Animation, Professional Photography, Acting for Film & Television, Web Development and Broadcasting.

What Sets VanArts Apart?   

VanArts’ Web Development & Interactive Design program is multi-disciplinary unlike any other in Vancouver. The program offers a 40-40-20 split between web design, programming and business, including agile development. The program serves as a bridge between tech and creative industries like film, art, media and communication.

VanArts has articulation agreements in place with several well established universities/colleges in Canada, the USA, Australia, and the UK. These degree pathways allow you to complete your bachelor’s degree in as little as one year after your studies at VanArts.

What Students Are Saying

The faculty members were super kind and helpful. The instructors are industry experts, awesome people and are ready to help you go further. Moreover, I met incredible people from different countries and backgrounds and learnt a lot from them. The Department Head is open-minded. He listens to suggestions and complaints and tries to implement or solve that, if possible. Also, always encourage the students to be professionals at all times. Some school resources could be improved, like having some IOS/Mac experience in-class, since not all students can afford to buy an Apple product. The program overall is very intense, and dedication is a MUST, but anyone without any design/development background can learn. I've learnt more than I expected and without a doubt, I recommend Vanarts.

Gabrielle Mizue Aoki, Web Development & Interactive Design


For aspiring tech professionals, or people keen to apply the latest tech skills in creative industries, VanArts’ Web Development & Interactive Design is a clear and obvious choice.




Red Academy

$ $ $ $

*Update: RED Academy closed its Vancouver campus in April 2020. To learn more, here’s a letter from the team.

RED Academy, which stands for “redefining education,” believes tech needs more talent, more innovation, and more inclusivity. Yet despite the demand, traditional models of post-secondary education are not preparing students for an industry that’s constantly changing. So, RED Academy decided to do something about it.

RED is for people who want fulfilling, innovative, and important work. It’s for having creative freedom, for making connections, and for having a say in what happens next. It’s for designing your tomorrow.

What Sets RED Academy Apart?   

One thing that truly differentiates RED Academy from its competitors is a unique combination of in-class instruction and hands-on learning assignments—such as developing websites or digital marketing strategies—for real companies within RED’s community network.

What Students Are Saying

I was a UBC grad with a major in sociology when I enrolled at Red Academy. The course took my skills to the next level by adding digital experience to the stats, writing and research courses I took in university. With Red Academy, I not only got a solid foundation in the digital marketing skills companies are looking for, but I also got a job offer from one of Red's community partners just 3 weeks after graduation! Simply put, Red Academy was a smart decision well-worth the investment in my future.

Denise Wong, Fast-track to employment for this UBC grad!


RED Academy offers a wide range of full and part-time courses in web development, digital marketing and UX/UI design, including specializations in Paid Advertising, SEO & content marketing, and more. Explore RED Academy’s full course catalogue, including tuition and upcoming start dates near you.


Vancouver, Edmonton

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