The Best Driving Schools in Canada of 2024

Last updated November 21, 2023

Driving is one of the most important life skills one can obtain. It can help you gain employment and give you the freedom to get where you need and want to go on a moment’s notice. But whether you live in a rural or urban area, it’s essential to learn all the aspects of operating a motor vehicle to ensure you are a safe driver who can anticipate how to manage varying road conditions and traffic levels.

The habits and skills you learn when you first start driving will shape how you drive for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s important to take driving lessons with skilled instructors. While it may be less expensive to learn from a family member, it doesn’t guarantee you will learn the best driving habits or how to drive safely — not to mention that learning from a friend or family member can cause an added layer of stress. Learning from a professional driving instructor creates a good foundation of skills in a neutral environment.

Most provinces also offer discounts to new drivers who can prove they have completed a certified driving course. In Ontario and Alberta, for example, auto insurance discounts range from 10 to 20 per cent for those who have completed a driver education program. This can be significant when you consider that auto insurance for new drivers can cost $4,000 to $6,000 per year, depending on your age and where you live in Canada. That could mean savings of $400 to $1,200 annually.

Driving schools offer a range of learning options and packages that include online, simulated, in-class and in-car instruction with options for additional in-car hours for those who want more road experience before taking their driving test. The cars these schools use are equipped with unique controls, such as an extra brake on the passenger side, so instructors can ensure the student’s safety while learning.

The minimum requirement for a ministry-approved beginners’ driver education course in Ontario is 40 hours, comprising 20 in-class, 10 hours in-vehicle and 10 hours of flexible instruction.

In Ontario, driving school students can earn their G2 license in eight months after passing their written test, compared to 12 months for non-students. In British Columbia, students who complete the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) course can earn two grade 11 high school credits.

Driving school courses typically cost between $695 and $1,800, depending on the length of the program you choose and whether you need a vehicle with which to take your driving test.

To aspiring drivers, young and old, here are the top government-approved schools in Canada with solid track records of preparing students for their road tests — and a lifetime of safe driving across this country’s vast network of highways, byways, city streets, county roads and beyond.


Young Drivers of Canada 4.35/5

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Kruzee Driving School 5/5

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Valley Driving School 5/5

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DriveWise 5/5

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Safety Services Manitoba 5/5

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AMA Driving School 4.5/5

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Vancouver Driving School 5/5

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iDrive Driving School 4.45/5

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Drive Maxx 5/5

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Globe Driving Academy Toronto 5/5

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Young Star Driving School 5/5

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Young Drivers of Canada

$ $ $ $

Young Drivers (YD) of Canada is Canada’s largest driver training organization and one of the best-known driving schools in Canada. In business since 1970, it has helped train more than 1.3 million students. YD also offers driver improvement, re-testing, fleet training and cognitive training.

What Students Are Saying

Great program although no longer the most affordable... I see some new guys on CourseCompare that didn't even exist when I was getting my G1! Young Drivers is still the industry benchmark and provides those good insurance benefits. I ended up going back as an instructor and liked it, getting paid $27/hr!

Max S., Drivers Education

What You’ll Learn

The theory portion of Young Driver’s beginner driver program is available in person, online or in virtually guided sessions.

The online program is a beginner driver education course available in select provinces and is aimed at helping new drivers learn the skills needed to pass their driver’s test and stay safe on the roads. It’s an intuitive driving program with interactive online lessons. Students can start the online portion of this course upon registration; a licence is not required to begin. The online learning modules are designed to help new drivers think like experienced drivers. Students will be able to identify the problems and solutions needed to avoid a crash. The lessons are presented through animations, text, images and videos.

In-car Training Experience

Each in-vehicle lesson is one-on-one to ensure students drive without distractions and get the most out of the training. All in-car lessons are customized to each driver.

YD’s Collisionfree! Approach™ system includes four habits and 20 sub-habits, including: risk perception; gravel shoulder recovery; threshold/ABS braking; rear-crash avoidance; head-on collision avoidance; emergency braking; brake and avoid techniques; swerving techniques; and freeway driving.

Many people don’t know that young drivers can begin their training several months before actually turning 16 years’ of age (16 being the legal age minimum for writing the G1 test in Ontario and other provinces). Young Driver’s also encourages parental involvement in the training process. Parents are often invited to observe their child’s training sessions and receive guidance on how to support their child’s driving development outside of formal lessons.


140 classrooms in five provinces: British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick


Kruzee Driving School

$ $ $ $

Kruzee officially launched in Ontario in June 2022 with the mission to make it easier for new drivers to get licensed, insured, and on the road. With a strong brand, tantalizing prices, and a novel, digital-first approach, the startup soon began making headlines.

Students can book driving instructors in their area and complete theory lessons at their own pace online. Kruzee also offers ministry-approved beginner driver education courses that may qualify some learners for accelerated G2 licensing times and auto insurance discounts. The platform puts students “back in the driver’s seat” by allowing them to choose when, where, and with whom they learn to drive, offering a level of ease and flexibility that sets it apart among traditional driving schools in Canada. (You’ll also find Kruzee on CourseCompare’s list of the best driving schools in Toronto.)

This modern driving school is also building a growing customer base by undercutting incumbents: It’s entry-level course costs roughly 30 per cent less than Young Driver’s equivalent offering. Moreover, Kruzee offers an up to 20 per cent reduction in auto insurance (the reduction will vary by insurer), and five free auto insurance quotes, among other perks for new drivers.

What Students Are Saying

I had my lessons with Paul and Arminder and both were so great! They were both calm, kind and patient in their teaching style. I was a very anxious driver with minimal driving experience but I felt confident in my skills after the lessons. I passed my G on the first try with their lessons! I loved that I can personalize my schedule time with downtown pick up locations, which was very important while living in Toronto. I would recommend this to anyone who has been putting off getting their license out of fear, like me.

Jasmin S., Beginner Driver Certificate Course

What You’ll Learn

Students will have 10 hours of in-car lessons with a kruzee driving instructor and 30 hours of online, self-paced learning. The certified and trained driving instructor will pick you up for your lessons.

In-car training covers MTO-established requirements, from vehicle maintenance and operation and control to defensive driving and road test preparation.

By-the-hour driving practice is available to help you accomplish your goals — whether you’re going for a G2 or G exam or need a general refresh. And kruzee also offers its own vehicles for road tests, free pick up and drop off before and afterward, and a 30-minute refresher course for an additional $295 CAD.


9 locations in Ontario: Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton, Oshawa, Vaughan and Whitby


Valley Driving School

$ $ $ $

In business since 1955, Valley Driving School, located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, provides training for various motor vehicles. The school’s driver training programs, including the Graduated Licensing Program, focus on the skills you need to be safe and confident on the road, not just what’s required to pass the road test. Customizable programs are available for drivers of all ages and experience levels.

What Students Are Saying

I would like to thank Alice, Cindy, Carmel, Dennis, Ben, Rob and Terry for their awesome lesson to pass my Class 1 great team amazing place to learn!

Mike Bauer, Class 1 MELT Program

What You’ll Learn

Driving students will become equipped with the tools of good driving, such as defensive driving skills and an understanding of accident prevention. Valley Driving School provides the Class 7 Graduated Licensing Program to help form the habits and skills you need to shape your driving experience for the rest of your life. The program includes:

  • 12  hours on-road
  • Behind The Wheel and On Your Own e-learning course
  • 17 hours of GLP interactive classroom instruction

The online course covers: purchasing your first vehicle; parking; highway & freeway driving; route planning and giving directions; introduction to basic vehicle maintenance (tire inflation, checking and replacing oil & fluid levels, etc.); and preparing for a successful class 5 road test, after the class 7L stage.


5 locations in British Columbia: Abbottsford, Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, Chilliwack



$ $ $ $

DriveWise is a Ministry of Transportation Ontario approved program. DriveWise, a division of KnowledgeSurge Learning Solutions Inc., was established in 2004 to provide high-quality, advanced learning solutions to the road transportation industry.

What You’ll Learn

The SafeStart Program features 40 hours of novice driver training, which includes 20 hours of interactive classroom learning (six hours of which are in a state-of-the-art simulation lab), 10 hours of online education, and 10 hours of private one-on-one in-vehicle training with a qualified driving instructor.

​Once the classroom portion is complete, personalized in-vehicle lessons expand students’ knowledge further, preparing them for a lifetime of safe driving. The school claims to have a 99.9 per cent or greater client recommendation and trains more than 35,000 drivers annually.



3 locations in Ontario: Barrie, Burlington, Oakville


Safety Services Manitoba

$ $ $ $

Safety Services Manitoba is Manitoba’s premier occupational and safe driving training and consulting services provider with over 50 years of experience. The organization offers training for novice drivers, defensive driving, motorcycle training, trailer towing and ATV operation. In-class instruction and hands-on training combine theory and practice. Classes create opportunities for participants to apply knowledge under the guidance of road safety instructors.

The courses are designed to improve driving skills across the board, from those who drive on their own time to those who go as part of their job.

What Students Are Saying

Big company with many courses and services. I got a great instructor and have no complaints whatsoever about costs, communication or the experience over all.

Aditi Patel, Novice Driver Course

What You’ll Learn

Safety Services Manitoba’s four-hour course for novice drivers helps young drivers identify actions to stay in control behind the wheel and understand the consequences of poor judgment and unnecessary risk-taking, including distracted driving, impairment, and speeding.

The driving school also offers an interactive defensive driving course in a classroom session that covers techniques for preventing collisions and aims to remedy problems that lead to crashes and other incidents. It addresses driver attitude, distracted driving, impairment, intersections, passing, and aggressive driving.


Locations throughout Manitoba, including Winnipeg, Brandon, Dauphin, Winkler, Thompson, The Pas


AMA Driving School

$ $ $ $

The Alberta Motor Association was formed in 1926, when auto clubs from Edmonton and Calgary joined forces to make things better for motorists. Together, they lobbied for safer roads and lower fuel taxes, marking the start of a nearly century-long legacy of Albertans serving Albertans. The first driver education program began in 1938. The first online driver education courses were offered in 2014.

What You’ll Learn

The in-classroom option includes 18 hours of interactive training. The program prepares students for their in-car lessons through hands-on activities and interactive content to give you a proactive (rather than defensive) approach to driving.

In-car lessons are booked in two-hour sessions. Your driving instructor will start you off slow and tailor the pace to cover more and more advanced techniques and situations as you gain more confidence. The program includes the following:AMA’s in-car training includes videos that simplify and explain the rules of the road. Also worth noting are: Demonstrations such as proper steering wheel positioning; group activities like wearing goggles to simulate impaired driving designed to add an element of play into the learning experience; and multi-tasking exercises to demonstrate the impact of distracted driving.

Online Experience

The AMA’s Online New Driver Program offers 15 hours of enhanced road trip-themed interactive content, videos and exercises. Students learn to drive safely on the roads in a fun and interactive environment while virtually exploring Alberta landmarks and destinations. It’s perfect for self-motivated students, allowing you to take the program where and whenever it’s most convenient.

You can replay lessons as often as possible to absorb the information thoroughly. Once registered, you have up to 60 days from the date of purchase to complete the online classroom. (This doesn’t include your in-car portion.)

AMA New Driver Program graduates can save up to $200 on their auto policy with AMA Insurance.



Locations throughout Alberta


Vancouver Driving School

$ $ $ $

Vancouver Driving School instructors exceed Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) requirements and have decades of driving experience in the lower mainland. The school has been named one of the top three driving schools in British Columbia based on customer reviews, ratings, history satisfaction rate, cost and general excellence.

What Students Are Saying

Easy to book, lots of instructors, super nice and calm in the car and made me feel confident.

Suzanne Kwan, Beginners

What You’ll Learn

This driving school offers several packages for drivers with a range of abilities or learners who have no experience driving. Lessons include highway, downtown and night driving instruction. General driving skills including circle check, shoulder/360-degree check, hazard perception, speed control, safe lane change, intersection right and left turns, school, playground, construction zones, multiple lane intersection, two and three-point turns, uphill and downhill parking, parallel parking, entering and exiting a highway.


Vancouver, British Columbia


iDrive Driving School

$ $ $ $

The Toronto-based school has operated for seven years and claims to have a 95 per cent pass rate. It is a Ministry of Transportation Ontario-approved beginner driver education course provider. They offer a new driver package, road test preparation, defensive driving lessons, refresher courses, and driver’s licence training.

What Students Are Saying

Just passed my driving test on the first attempt with just 2 minors. Saqib's teaching style is calm, patient, and supportive, which made my driving lessons enjoyable and effective. He tailored his approach to suit my learning pace and helped me build confidence on the road. He ensured that I understood not just the mechanics of driving, but also the importance of being a safe and responsible driver.

Onaib Faisal, Beginner Driver Education

What You’ll Learn

The basic program includes 20 hours In-class, 10 hours in-car, and 10 hours online for MTO certification, while more expensive packages include 20 hours in-class and 15 to 20 hours in-car. iDrive teaches defensive driving to help students learn to stay safe on the road in all conditions. They inform students about the local traffic rules and speed limits and teach them how to become safe drivers with skills that will support them throughout their lives. For an additional 45-minute in-car class, you will receive an extra lesson on your chosen topic, such as city driving, adverse weather driving or night driving.


Four locations in Ontario: Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill, Vaughan


Drive Maxx

$ $ $ $

Drive Maxx has over 10 years of experience teaching new drivers and offers a Ministry of Transportation Ontario-approved beginner driver education (BDE) program. After completing a BDE program, students can get the Driver’s Licence History (DLH) from Service Ontario, which the insurance industry recognizes as proof of course completion. The program also reduces the waiting period to appear in a road test.

What Students Are Saying

I just recently passed my G2 test and i would like to commend the Drivie Maxx for their awesome educational plan, the online lesson was reasonable, I studied at my own pace. but mostly my amazing instructor Shawn who was very professional and full of patience. His expertise, tips and advises were helpful indeed. I am proud to recommend the this school and look for Shawn, definitely will give you the knowledge needed and to prepare you enough to pass the driving test . Thumbs up 👍.

Nell, Driver Education

What You’ll Learn

Drive Maxx focuses on defensive driving techniques and strategies. The driving school offers in-class and in-car sessions. Students receive 20 hours of online training and 10 lessons in-car for the base program and can pay more to have additional hours of in-car lessons.

In-car instruction includes pre-driving checks, driving in heavy traffic, on highways, parking, city driving and driving at night and in difficult conditions.


Toronto, Ontario


Globe Driving Academy Toronto

$ $ $ $

Founded in 2012, the Globe Driving Academy is approved by the Ministry of Transportation Ontario as a beginner driver education course provider in Toronto. The driving school prides itself on putting students first and building an experience shaped closely by regular student feedback.

What Students Are Saying

Nickolas, Nickolas, Nickolas! My man. He was amazing instructor with great way of teaching. Got me through G2 pass with ease. Highly recommend him.

Joshua G., Beginner Driver Education Course

What You’ll Learn

Globe Driving Academy provides four-day online driving courses through its online learning platform. They also offer winter driving courses, senior advanced driver, and improvement training. They can help book G2, and G road tests or prepare you for your road test and deliver a car for the road exam in the Drive Test Center in Toronto or outside the city.

Globe Driving Academy offers a flexible schedule (including evenings and weekends) to fit students’ needs. The minimum requirements for a ministry-approved beginner’ driver education course is 40 hours which consist of 20 in-class, 10 hours in-vehicle and 10 hours of flexible instruction. The average student takes about four to eight weeks to complete the entire program. It may be faster depending on your schedule instructor availability.


3 locations in Ontario: Toronto, Etobicoke, North York


Young Star Driving School

$ $ $ $

Young Star Driving School offers Ministry of Transportation (MTO) approved driver training courses.

A range of driver school training packages are available, including 20 hours of mandatory in-class lessons, 10 hours of in-car driving training and 10 hours of online learning. After successful course completion, the school certifies students with the MTO. The certificate can be redeemed from any Service Ontario Office.

What Students Are Saying

Young star is such an amazing school. Zameer is an excellent teacher, I finished everything in a month and went for my road test and passed on the first try. He teaches extremely well, with so many helpful tips. The price is so cheap too, this is the best school. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get their license.

Noor Javed, Driver Training

What You’ll Learn

Accident prevention training exposes drivers to the complexity of driving with challenges and distractions and helps ensure they are prepared once they start driving independently. During the program, students learn to avoid a head-on collision and control the vehicle in an emergency. They know what to do when another vehicle suddenly appears. Training is also provided on how to watch for animals and cyclists on the road. Instructors do drills on handling the car when it drifts onto the gravel shoulder, and students learn how to minimize the impact when involved in a rear-end accident.



6 locations in Ontario: Toronto, East York, North York, Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan

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