Best Certificate Programs in Change Management in 2021

Last updated December 1, 2020

Change management began as a buzzword, but it’s now a sought-after skillset and lucrative career path. As organizations go through more change, faster, the ability to not just handle change but harness it for business success is critical. Yet 70 percent of change management efforts fail. Why? Because the people behind the change effort are not knowledgeable in one or many of the key areas of change management, such as vision planning, stakeholder management, and, critically, employee communications strategies.

Because of the comprehensive nature of change management, many companies are offering annual salaries of more than $100,000 for change management specialists. Given the academic background of the profession, stemming from business, organizational psychology and sociology, it makes sense that some of the top universities in Canada offer programs in the field.

These programs have attracted top faculty to teach business leaders and lifelong learners alike how to handle change and bring about transformation in our fast-paced world. Some of them also offer opportunities for further advancement by qualifying graduates to earn or take exams for some of the globally-recognized change management certifications. These include the Association of Change Management Professionals’ Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP), the AIM Change Management Certification, the Change Management Specialist (CMS) certification offered by the Management and Strategy Institute and several others.


Smith School of Business at Queen's University 5/5

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Schulich School of Business 5/5

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Rotman School of Management 5/5

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Prosci 5/5

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UBC Sauder School of Business 5/5

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Mount Royal University 5/5

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Algonquin College 3/5

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University of Calgary 5/5

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HEC Montreal 5/5

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Telfer School of Management 5/5

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University of Alberta 4/5

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Royal Roads University 5/5

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Smith School of Business at Queen's University

Smith School of Business
$ $ $ $

The Industrial Relations Centre (IRC) at Queen’s University offers a wide range of programming for human resources, organizational design, talent management, and strategic workforce planning. It also has an extensive labour relations program where students can learn the finer points of unions, building trust at work, and labour arbitration. The Queen’s Smith School of Business also includes a number of executive ed programs (non-certificate) in change management, including Strategic Planning and Leading Change, How To Lead Innovation and Digital Transformation.

Certificate overview

This three-day program runs consistently throughout the year and focuses on the planning aspects of change from an HR perspective. Students will receive training in strategic change management frameworks that work across any type of organization or sector. In particular, the program looks at areas such as:

  • Vision planning
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communications planning


Kingston, Toronto, Calgary


Schulich School of Business

$ $ $ $

Certificate in Leading Sustainable Strategic Change

The Schulich School of Business at York University is one of the largest business schools in Canada. It offers a wide range of programs, certificates, and degrees that span the business education spectrum. Further, the university offers corporate training and online programs to augment its offerings and ensure every learner has an opportunity to access the curriculum.

Certificate Overview

Focused on helping people increase their capacity to lead through change, this 5-day in-class program will help students learn the necessary skills to manage themselves and others during times of change from a business perspective. Specific skills taught include: business restructuring, acquisitions strategy, and outsourcing planning. A three-day program is also available focusing on managing conflict and communications through change.


Toronto, Online


Rotman School of Management

$ $ $ $

Leading Change Certificate 

The Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto is one of the top rated business schools in the world. Its MBA and eMBA programs draw people from around the globe and its additional offerings help professionals and lifelong learners alike pick up new skills.

Certificate overview

The three-day program in change management offered by Rotman emphasizes the human element of change. It looks at how individuals can be champions of change within their organization, specifically around:

  • Vision setting
  • Rallying teams behind your cause
  • Achieving and sustaining vision success





$ $ $ $

Change Management Certification Program 

Prosci is a learning and development training company that specializes in organizational change management competencies. Whether consulting, public programs, or custom educational programs, the company has a wide range of offerings for any change management-related needs.

Certificate overview

This three day intensive program covers the basics of change management and offers Prosci’s proprietary ‘3-Phase Process’ for managing change. Other topics taught during the program include:

  • Best practices in change management
  • Building a research-based change management methodology
  • Stakeholder management and momentum building for change




UBC Sauder School of Business

$ $ $ $

Associate Certificate in Change Management 

The Continuing Business Studies (CBS) program at UBC Sauder encompasses multiple topics such as agile and project management. Programs range is size and scope, plus the CBS has offerings that are online, in-class, or blended for a wide range of learners and learning styles.

Certificate overview

A part-time course taking place over four to six months, the change management program is geared toward change practitioners who want to build upon existing skills. Because of this assumption that you have some basics in change management, courses look at next-level topics like:

  • Business analysis
  • Project management
  • Communications strategy


Vancouver, Online


Mount Royal University

$ $ $ $

Organizational Change Management Extension Certificate

Mount Royal University is a comprehensive university offering both degree and certificate programs in a wide variety of subjects. The university welcomes over 14,000 students on its campus, most of whom hail from Calgary. Students in particular pride themselves on their volunteerism, which Mount Royal reports as over 300,000 hours of student volunteer service.

Certificate overview

With 75 hours of course instruction, Mount Royal’s organizational change management extension certificate looks at the basic principles of organizational change and how people can thrive during change. Specific skills taught include:

  • Installing new technology
  • Process evolution
  • Creating new products and services


Calgary, Online


Algonquin College

$ $ $ $

Change Management Foundations and Practitioner Certifications 

Algonquin College Corporate Training is the arm of the college that focuses on helping people with job-specific professional development skill building. They have an abundance of multi-day certificate courses and programs in niche topics such as facilitation for business analysts and business relationship management.

Certificate overview

Algonquin College offers two certificates in change management, one for foundations and one for practitioners, which the college calls a “certified local change agent.” The programs look at the whole spectrum of change management and can either be taken as just the foundations course, which is 3 days, or the foundations and practitioner course, which is 5 days.




University of Calgary

$ $ $ $

Certificate in Change Management

The University of Calgary’s Continuing Education (ConEd) school has a mission to provide multiple different types of learning for lifelong learners. The university has an explicit mandate to offer programs in different topics and in different formats, including lectures, seminars, courses, and certificate programs.

Certificate overview

Requiring 200 hours of course time online or in-class, this program looks holistically at how change management drives business results. It’s intended for business professionals in fast-paced environments, with students learning the fundamentals of change management, including:

  • Assessing organizational readiness for change
  • Identifying the impacts of change
  • Fitting change management into project management frameworks




HEC Montreal

$ $ $ $

Empowering Change Management Certificate 

HEC Montreal is a top bilingual business school, teaching programs in both English and French. The Executive Education Program was built to help leaders handle specific niche challenges by bringing the HEC faculty and educational model into a professional development context.

Certificate overview

This three day seminar dives into the decision frameworks and models that research and practice have shown to be effective for driving change. Topics covered include:

  • Learning to anticipate and get ahead of change issues
  • How to work with managers to understand change
  • Adapting change management techniques to your unique situation




Telfer School of Management

$ $ $ $

Leading Change Certificate Program 

Telfer Executive Programs focuses on experiential leadership training for executives and other senior leaders. The focus is less on lifelong learners and more specifically on how current leaders can drive better business results through its professional development certifications and courses.

Certificate overview

Taking a very hands-on approach to change management education, this six month program guides students through step-by-step strategies for change management. It further dives into the tools and techniques used by change practitioners on a regular basis, including:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Change scoping
  • Integrating change into ongoing business operations




University of Alberta

$ $ $ $

Certificate in Change Management 

The Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta offers over 300 courses and 40 programs geared towards a wide variety of continuing education and professional development topics. Faculty from the University of Alberta teach at the Faculty of Extension, making it a strong offering for the university.

Certificate overview

With nine days of instruction taking place over three 3-day workshops, this certificate looks at change management from multiple different lenses. In particular, it looks at:

  • Change leadership
  • Managing change
  • Managing people through change




Royal Roads University

$ $ $ $

Graduate Certificate in Change Management 

The Executive Education programs at Royal Roads University are geared towards multiple graduate certificate programs that equip business leaders with a wide variety of skills. Specifically developed for managers and above, certificates include workplace innovation, executive coaching, and corporate social innovation.

Certificate overview

This six month program is a full graduate certificate, setting it apart from other schools. It’s geared towards managers and supervisors who need to increase their change skillsets.  Students focus on a holistic look at change management, tackling subjects such as:

  • Connecting change efforts to organizational strategy
  • System-level interventions
  • Transforming culture
  • Employee engagement and communication


Victoria and blended online

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