The Cheapest Colleges in Canada for International Students in 2024

Last updated February 6, 2024

International students have a world full of options when deciding where to study, and Canada comes in as a top choice, ranking third globally in foreign student attraction. In 2022, there were 807,750 active study permit holders in Canada, an astonishing 31 percent year-over-year increase, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

One of the reasons for Canada’s popularity with the global community of learners is the ability to work while pursuing their education. Whether enrolled in a co-op program or part of Canada’s work-study program, which allows international students to work up to 20 hours per week during the school year and full-time in between academic sessions, students can earn an income and gain real-world work experience while studying.

Along with the quality of education, budgeting for tuition fees is certainly top-of-mind for students preparing to learn abroad. As part of CourseCompare’s investigation into the Best Colleges in Canada for International Students, we considered international tuition fees in our ranking. Expanding on this, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 cheapest colleges in Canada for international students below.

We looked at all colleges across Canada (excluding Quebec) with international enrollment above 1,000 students and in excess of 10 percent of the total student population (33 colleges in total). First year international student tuition ranged from $13,818.47 (Lambton College) to $21,812.14 (BCIT) for a two-year business diploma, one of the most popular programs for international students coming to Canada, according to CourseCompare’s global learner analytics.

CollegeInternational TuitionDomestic TuitionTuition Premium
Bow Valley College$16,610.00 $6,491.50 155.87%
Mohawk College$17,335.00$4,282.01304.83%
Red River College$17,084.00 $6,266.00 172.65%
Lambton College$13,818.47 $4,045.93 241.54%
Fleming College$16,250.00$4,969.22227.01%
Okanagan College$16,000.00$5,829.08174.49%
Camosun College$15,890.00$3,585.50343.17%
Sheridan College$15,579.46 $4,439.46 250.93%
Conestoga College$17,445.96 $4,698.96 271.27%
Niagara College$17,421.90 $4,576.88 280.65%
Justice Institute of British Columbia$17,625.00$5,875.00200.00%
Georgian College$17,472.98 $4,421.50 295.18%
Loyalist College$16,308.00 $4,030.08 304.66%
Canadore College$16,724.56 $4,057.62 312.18%
Cambrian College$16,913.38 $3,935.46 329.77%
Durham College$16,598.56$4,292.74286.67%
Algonquin College$16,467.14$4,773.22244.99%
Humber College North Campus$16,394.00 $3,759.88 336.02%
Fanshawe College $15,539.14 $3,503.32 343.55%
Centennial College$17,401.24 $3,920.24 343.88%


Lambton College 4.8/5

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Fanshawe College 4.3/5

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Sheridan College 4.5/5

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Camosun College 5/5

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Okanagan College 5/5

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Fleming College 5/5

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Loyalist College 5/5

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Humber College 4.7/5

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Algonquin College 4.6/5

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Durham College 4.75/5

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Bow Valley College 5/5

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Canadore College 4.8/5

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Cambrian College 4.75/5

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Red River College Polytechnic 4.75/5

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Mohawk College 4.7/5

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Centennial College 4.35/5

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Niagara College 4.8/5

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Conestoga College 4.7/5

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Georgian College 5/5

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Justice Institute of British Columbia 5/5

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Lambton College

$ $ $ $

Should you be venturing to Ontario for your education, Lambton College gives you the options to explore some of the province’s brightest cities with campuses located in Sarnia, Mississauga, Ottawa, and Toronto.

Having served both local and international learners for over 50 years, students can look forward to a world-class education while gaining valuable Canadian work experience. More than 100 courses are available, specifically with 61 graduate programs and 50 undergraduate programs available in a wide area of studies.

Lambton College International Tuition

Lambton College comes in as Canada’s most affordable college for international students with an annual tuition of $13,818 for a two-year business diploma.

Around 6,903 international students earned the Lambton College crest on their diplomas in 2020-21, and within six months of completing their studies, 82 percent of graduates are successfully placed in a job.

It is worth noting that there is limited student housing available with fewer than 300 units available, so consider whether or not off-campus living might be for you.

What Students Are Saying

I was one of many international students at Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario -- the college has 3,500 international students from all over the world. Admission criteria wasn't as strict as some other programs and GRE and GMAT weren't required for all programs. Classes were focused on careers and jobs, which is what I was looking for. Campus life was excellent even if Sarnia is what people called "sleepy." I learned very much from professors and other students. Very local feel and people were serious about their education.

Ram Sharma, Business - Accounting

Highlights for International Students

More than 71 percent of Lambton’s student body is composed of international students, and with 32 nationalities present on the school’s grounds, chances are you’ll meet someone who makes you feel closer to home.

The Sarnia campus is near to the US border for those who are interested in and able to explore Canada’s neighbour to the south.


Sarnia (main), plus Mississauga, Ottawa and Toronto ON


Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College online BCom | CourseCompare
$ $ $ $

Second on the list of cost-effective Canadian campuses is Fanshawe College, located in London, Ontario. The school has been operating since the late 1960s and welcomes students from more than 100 countries around the world each year.

Over 220 programs are on offer—bachelor’s degrees included—along with 50 post-graduate certificates.

Fanshawe College International Tuition

More than 5,500 out-of-country students choose Fanshawe in 2020-21 for a reason, one being the accessible tuition coming in at $15,539.

Fanshawe has invested heavily in relationships that will be of benefit to students. Some of those include a partnership with the nearby Western University for collaborative degrees, and connections with well over 15,000 employers. Eighty-seven per cent of students report securing employment within six months of graduation.

What Students Are Saying

I completed two programs at Fanshawe. Mechanical engineering and mechanical design. The school was outstanding, with down to earth profs who were friendly and knowledgeable in every aspect of their programs. The labs are well equipped with up to date technology, which really helps students get an idea of what is to come in the workforce. There are even free events for new and old students to attend, which really helps the sense of community the school provides. If you’re considering mechanical engineering, I cannot recommend Fanshawe enough.

Chris Arnold, Mechanical Engineering Technician - CNC/CAM

Highlights for International Students

Fanshawe caters to its global community with their International Centre serving students in multiple languages. Whether you need support finding accommodations, securing a work or study visa, or setting up banking and healthcare, their team will help make your Canadian experience all the smoother.

Roughly one quarter of the student body is made up of international learners, and 100 percent of employers report being satisfied with their hires who graduated from the college.


London ON


Sheridan College

$ $ $ $

Sheridan College has three campuses spread out across the Greater Toronto Area with locations in Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville. Regardless of which campus you choose, you’ll have nearby access to Canada’s capital city and the best that it has to offer, beyond the classroom.

The school is well-known for its animation degree (graduates are employed at studios like Pixar and Dreamworks) and their Bachelor of Game Design. Students have over 140 full-time programs to choose from, spread across the school’s four faculties.

Sheridan College International Tuition

Tuition for those out-of-country rolls in around $15,579, and full-time international students have a few unique financial resources available to them through the school.

The first is those doing their post-secondary studies will receive an entrance scholarship to the school with a value ranging between $500 and $2,000, helping to lower tuition costs.

Secondly, those pursuing business studies through the Pilon School will also access international tuition reduction.

International students are also eligible to apply for two consecutive graduate certificate programs concurrently, creating a two-year Graduate Certificate Bundle. This bundle will qualify for a post-graduate work permit for as many as three years. Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) bundles are also available at other colleges and universities.

What Students Are Saying

I’m in the computer science program at Sheridan college in Oakville. Specifically, I study mobile computing. That means I develop apps for smartphones. To me, the campus environment is great. The school is known for excellent programs and excellent sports (go Bruins). My program consists of a lot of code writing, collaborating with designers, and trial and error. Our instructors have built apps of their own, which you can download to your phones today. It is great having instructors who actually know what they are talking about. I knew I wanted to attend Sheridan as soon as I got to the campus tour. The modern design and clean campus made me feel at home and inspired me to work harder on each and every assignment so far. Anyone looking for a great computer science program does not need to look any farther.

Chris Arnold, Computer Programmer

Highlights for International Students

The campus community is composed of more than 100 different nationalities, and international students represent about one-quarter of the student population.

Should you wish to live on-site, there are 1,174 housing units spread between the Trafalgar campus (Oakville) and the Davis campus (Brampton), mainly two-bedroom style suites.


Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville ON


Camosun College

$ $ $ $

With two locations—Lansdowne and Interurban—in scenic Victoria, British Columbia, Camosun College welcomed 1,149 international students in 2020-21.

Camosun is the largest public college in British Columbia, and has a student body of 9,030 learners. More than 160 programs are available to students with over 85 percent of those courses being partnered with experiential education and applied learning opportunities.

Camosun College International Tuition

International tuition fees come in around $15,890. Unfortunately, there is no campus housing, so all students have to arrange for private housing in Victoria.

Currently there are no active scholarships available for new international students, though some do exist for current international students already in the midst of their studies. Keep an eye out for future grant opportunities.

Highlights for International Students

Curious about what the Camosun experience is like from an insider perspective? You can go beyond the brochure and live chat with a current student. International Student Ambassadors make themselves available to speak with prospective students to share their direct, personal experiences.

While you’re studying at Camosun, consider taking part in one of their five sports teams (Go Chargers!) and upon successful completion of your program, you’ll join the rich alumni network of more than 68,000 graduates of the school.


Victoria BC


Okanagan College

$ $ $ $

Okanagan College has more than 300 courses for you to choose from in 23 subject areas, making it an attractive option to those looking for a gateway to diverse academics.

Whether you’re pursuing a bachelor’s or associate degree, a diploma, certificate, or post-baccalaureate program, you’re almost certain to find a program that aligns with your interests.

The school has four campuses across the south interior of British Columbia: Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm, and Varnon.

Okanagan College International Tuition

International tuition at Okanagan College is $16,000, and you have access to an intimate learning environment, averaging 16 students per class. Co-op work options are also available so that you can obtain practical skills as well.

The Kelowna campus is the only location where student housing is an option. The other three campuses will require you to seek out a private rental, or alternatively participate in a homestay cultural exchange where you can live with a host family for a period of time.

Highlights for International Students

Before you step foot on campus, the school’s Student Services team is committed to making your journey as comfortable as possible. They will support you all the way through, from advising you on your educational path to navigating the immigration process.

Cultural Liaisons, native speakers of many different languages, will help you with all aspects of studying in Canada. Meet the team on their website and have a feeling of familiarity before your first encounter.


Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm, and Varnon BC


Fleming College

$ $ $ $

Choose from over 130 programs spread across three campuses at Fleming College. Whether you choose the Peterborough, Lindsay, or Haliburton location, you can use your certificate or diploma to further your post-secondary education and pursue further credentials.

The school’s three academic start dates are in January, May and September and almost every program will expose you to work-based scenarios.

Fleming College International Tuition

While planning your finances for your education abroad, note that international fees average $16,250 at Fleming College. If you’re coming in at the top of your class, you might be eligible for one of the different scholarships that Fleming is proud to put forth exclusively to out-of-country students.

At the Peterborough and Lindsay locations, their residences are made up of 661 single-bedroom suites that share common areas. Otherwise, students have private rental options as well as homestay options where you can get a true Canadian experience, living with a local family for a short period of time.

Highlights for International Students

Your transition into Canadian studies will be made all the easier by the International Student Services team who help you from applications to graduation and beyond. The school has many free services for international students including tutoring, career services and health services.

Many countries already have their own student recruiter so check your local area if Fleming College is on your list of potential schools. In the meantime, take a virtual open tour, check out the on-demand open house and chat online with current students to learn about their experiences firsthand.


Haliburton, Lindsay and Peterborough ON


Loyalist College

$ $ $ $

Excited to study in Canada, but torn between living in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal? Consider applying to Loyalist College, perfectly positioned between the three major cities in the smaller city of Belleville. Beyond its geographic benefits, Loyalist provides more than 70 full-time programs, alongside part-time, distance and continuing education options, and has  been ranked as one of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges.

Their top priority is supporting your personal and professional success. If friendliness, inclusivity, and accessibility are top values for you, this school could be your perfect match.

Loyalist College International Tuition

Tuition at Loyalist comes in at around $16,308, and as an international student, there are a number of scholarships that you may qualify for. More than $1,000,000 is provided for students through awards, bursaries, scholarships and on-campus work initiatives.

Loyalist has the highest percentage of on-campus housing available of any college on this list, at 11% of total enrollment or 580 spots. If you’re looking for an express education, fast-tracking your diploma is certainly an option. Opportunities to work on- and off-campus are available.

Highlights for International Students

You can build on your Loyalist credentials with another diploma or a university degree, as the school has more than 100 university agreements across Canada and internationally.

Beyond academic excellence, your college experience can be complemented with extra-curricular activities and experiences, and connecting with other global students, who make up 58 percent of the school’s community.


Belleville (main), plus Bancroft ON


Humber College

$ $ $ $

Ranking number one on CourseCompare’s Best Colleges of Ontario 2023 list, Humber College is an international leader when it comes to career-focused learning and boasts an alumni network of 278,000 to prove it. The school has three locations in Toronto, Ontario, collectively offering 220 programs.

Humber College International Tuition

Fees for international students at Humber College are around $16,394, and with the school holding the highest employment rate in the Greater Toronto Area at 76 percent, it seems like tuition is well spent.

New students in the Diploma or Advanced Diploma programs are eligible for an international entrance scholarship valued at $2,000 through the International Centre. Outside of the centre, Humber connects applicants to external scholarship opportunities as well.

What Students Are Saying

I studied at the Lakeshore campus and the CEO of CourseCompare was one of my instructors. For PR and marketing, Humber is hands down one of the best in Canada. The professors are all passionate about teaching and have held leadership positions in marketing and public relations. Classes are filled with real-life examples and hands-on exercises and simulations that will prepare you for first day on the job. Lessons are up-to-date and there's a lot of focus on new technologies and how they are changing the industry and landscape. The program also gives students so many opportunities to network with employers it's crazy. This includes lunches, office tours, talks, field trips, roundtables, student-run activities supported by influencers, career talks and workshops, and the list goes on. I credit Humber with a lot of my early career success and still keep in touch with many of the close friends I made during my four years there.

Claudia D., Array

Highlights for International Students

More than 7,173 students from 120 countries choose Humber College when pursuing their bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and post-graduate certificates. As you’re making your way through the process, International Student Ambassadors will assist you with getting acquainted with student life in Canada.

A fun way to meet your fellow international peers is through the school’s International Centre that organizes trips and socials like winter camping, visiting Toronto landmarks and even venturing out-of-province to explore Montreal.

The International Graduate School opened in 2021, giving international learners an upper-hand when making the shift to learning and working in Canada through skills-based courses.


Toronto ON


Algonquin College

Algonquin College online BBA | CourseCompare
$ $ $ $

Caring, integrity, learning and respect are the core values of Algonquin College, which is consistently ranked as one of Canada’s Top Research Colleges. Founded in 1967, the school is named after the First Nations people of the local area.

Holding a vision of being a global leader in personalised, digitally connected and experiential learning, their mission is to transform your hopes and dreams into success.

Choose from more than 300 programs that take anywhere from one to four years to complete. The school has campuses in Perth, Pembrooke and Ottawa, Ontario, with an online e-campus as well.

Algonquin College International Tuition

Expect to invest around $16,467 in your education at Algonquin, depending on the program you choose. The institution offers four-year honours degrees, three-year advanced diplomas, two-year diplomas, one-year certificates and one- or two-year graduate certificates.

If you study at the Ottawa campus, residence is an option that’s available to 1,036 students. Otherwise, renting off-campus or homestay are your living options.

What Students Are Saying

The personal support worker program is very good at Algonquin College. I do find that they gave me the skills to do my job and purse into my BScN. Even with COVID-19, my program coordinator still made sure that we graduated on time. Highly recommend.

Kaitlin Trooper, Personal Support Worker

Highlights for International Students

The college hosts 3,321 international students from over 100 countries worldwide. Algonquin’s International Education Centre will help acclimate you to Canadian life and considers the smallest details to make your transition easier, including airport pickup and pre-arrival workshops.


Ottawa, Pembrooke and Perth ON


Durham College

$ $ $ $

Durham College serves students from over 65 countries worldwide and they lend emphasis first and foremost on the student experience. Founded in 1967 as a small, community college, they have now positioned themselves as a global leader in post-secondary education. Teachers come to the classroom with real-world experience and their 140+ programs are ever-evolving to keep up with market demands.

Within six months of graduation, close to 86 percent of graduates find work in their chosen field.

Durham College International Tuition

Tuition costs are right under $16,600 and one of the benefits of the school’s three campuses—Oshawa, Whitby and Pickering—is that they’re all located just outside of Toronto, which means a lower cost of living. These smaller communities are all still within commuting distance of the big city, so there’s still the ability to explore Canada’s capital.

There are a variety of scholarships available to new, full-time international students to help offset the cost of studies.

Highlights for International Students

Resources for new students include the Academic Success for International Students (ASIS) Workshop, and unique to this school, there is an up-to-date YouTube channel that is dedicated exclusively to international students.

Peer mentors, student advisors, and International Education Office Members will guide your transition to both the school and to Canada.


Oshawa, Pickering, and Whitby ON


Bow Valley College

$ $ $ $

Live, study and work in the heart of downtown Calgary, Alberta, as a pupil of Bow Valley College. Almost one quarter of the city’s population is foreign-born, and you’re sure to feel comfortable in this diverse and cosmopolitan city.

The school is committed to supporting international students to realise their dreams through a combination of student-life and academic experiences.

Bow Valley College Tuition

To access Bow Valley’s 60+ programs, plan to invest around $16,610 and be sure to research the various scholarships and awards available to international students that range from $2,000 to as much as $19,500 in value.

Bow Valley College has approximately 720 on-campus student housing units available.

What Students Are Saying

Good well-rounded program the ventures into UX design and SEO, plus some time on web development. The capstone project is key. Put a lot into that and you can graduate ready to start working on campaigns from start-to-finish the next day. The non-credit Employment Search Prep course, which is optional, is also worth taking. I had a good experience as a mature student going back to school after choosing the wrong career for me.

Blake S., Digital Marketing Post-Diploma Certificate

Highlights for International Students

Balance work and play, as the school boasts that you can “finish your classes at 5:00 (PM) and be in the mountains by 6:00 (PM).” Named as the third most liveable city in the world in 2023, you’ll be right near the Canadian Rockies and also have nearby access to Banff National Park and Lake Louise.

Other Calgary highlights include it being Canada’s sunniest city and also the cleanest city in the world.


Calgary AB


Canadore College

$ $ $ $

Canadore College welcomes the second-highest proportion of international learners with more than 63 percent of its student population coming from more than 30 countries worldwide.

Since 1967, the school has prided itself on student success and on program and service excellence. Travel just an hour and a half north of Toronto to access Canadore’s multiple North Bay campuses.

While researching the school from home, visit the campus virtually and explore the various online tours of the campuses and residence, and learn about their plans to expand their residence offerings.

Canadore College International Tuition

Comparable with other schools on the list, Canadore’s tuition veers toward $16,725, and 675 on-site residence units are available should you wish to be just steps away from class.

Over 80 full-time programs and apprenticeships are available to select from, covering subjects including art, design, aviation, health sciences and many more. Eighty-nine percent of graduates are placed successfully in jobs.

What Students Are Saying

A wonderful local option for anyone in northern Ontario. Very good facilities, excellent teachers and I had no trouble finding a field placement and a job after graduation. With degree inflation, some of the students had BA's in education and came to Canadore to get certified. Something to keep in mind for those of you unsure about which path to take. I have since moved into a management role at a private centre.

Nancy Leblanc, Early Childhood Education Intensive (Accelerated)

Highlights for International Students

Over the past several years, Canadore has invested a huge focus on international engagement, not only in attracting students from outside of Canada, but also in its academic partnerships with more than 30 worldwide institutions.

Your transition to living and studying in Canada will be made easier by their team of International Student Advisors who will help orient you to the community, get set up with insurance, and navigate immigration-related waters.


North Bay ON


Cambrian College

$ $ $ $

Cambrian College educates more than 4,200 international students from over 30 countries at the largest college in Northern Ontario.

Enjoy big city life mixed with small town appeal, and a unique learning environment where your teachers know your name. Priding itself on providing mentorship from professionals who have extensive industry expertise, you’ll also get your foot in the door to industry networks.

Cambrian College International Tuition

Tuition at Cambrian College comes in at $16,913 for students from abroad, which allows you to choose from more than 90 programs that will prepare you for success in today’s competitive workforce.

If you’ve already studied elsewhere or have work experience, there are multiple pathways available to you that will fast-track your success. You can also consider adding a graduate certificate or a degree to your studies for advanced expertise, taking advantage of Cambrian’s existing partnerships.

An array of awards and bursaries are available to international learners through their second semester of school and may be attained through academic performance and community engagement.

What Students Are Saying

I studied electrical engineering technology at Cambrian, where I got good teachers with theoretical knowledge and practical training. The facilities were awesome as well, with tons of labs available for all sorts of programs. Classes were decently small, with around 40 people per class. Tons of events on campus as well, new students get to meet tons of new people and attend a variety of events and games. The teachers show up sometimes too, which is a laugh for everyone else there. Speaking of those teachers, they were all great for the most part. It’s clear they have experience in their fields. They put a lot of weight on practical learning, which i prefer, and always encouraged us to participate in class. Even the campus housing was good. It was easy to make new friends as a first year student, and as a newcomer to Canada this was important to me. Overall, if you’re thinking about attending Cambrian for electrical engineering, if you put in the effort, you will have a great experience.

Chris Arnold, Heavy Equipment Technician (Optional Co-Op)

Highlights for International Students

If the idea of being in a big city feels intimidating, Cambrian’s campus in Sudbury will feel cosy, offering the advantages of big-city amenities alongside the affordability and friendliness of a small town.

The international department supports your journey to Canada with pre-arrival services straight through settlement assistance.


Sudbury (main), plus Espanola and Little Current ON


Red River College Polytechnic

$ $ $ $

Situated in the province of Manitoba, Red River College (RRC) delivers more than 60 programs specifically to international pupils. The school has eight campuses, though international students will only have access to five of them: Notre Dame Campus, Stevenson (Airport) Campus, Exchange District Campus, Portage Campus, and Steinbach Campus.

Red River College International Tuition

Your studies at RRC will cost approximately $17,084 and on-campus housing is available for out-of-towners. If living at the school isn’t your preference, private rentals and homestay opportunities are options as well.

Highlights for International Students

Student Advisors will walk you through the school’s signature five-step process—Aspire, Adapt, Advance, Aim, Achieve—to acclimate you to Canadian culture and processes.

The school offers multiple ways to build your confidence outside of the classroom and create connections. If perfecting your English is a priority, join the drop-in English Conversation Circle.


Winnipeg (main), plus Interlake, Peguis, Portage la Prairie, Steinbach, Stevenson Southport and Winkler MB


Mohawk College

$ $ $ $

Coined Mohawk College in 1966, the Hamilton, Ontario-based school offers more than 100 programs and 200 credit transfer agreements with partner institutions.

The school offers training in the core areas of business, creative industries, community services, health, skilled trades, and tech.

Mohawk College International Tuition

At Mohawk, international tuition averages $17,335, and their Financial Assistance team is keen to help you evaluate financial assistance options to lighten the investment, whether that’s a scholarship, bursary or one of more than 900 available awards.

On-campus work opportunities are available each semester in addition to co-op programs giving you relevant work experience.

While learning at Mohawk College, you can elect to live in residence on-site, choose to rent privately, or live in a homestay experience.

What Students Are Saying

I got to work with McMaster University through the BTech (bachelor of technology) partnership program. Through this I was able to complete my diploma at Mohawk and get a degree at McMaster in IT in about 2.5 years. I took the software engineering technology stream and learned more about how to "do" and build technology than some of my friends in university CompSci programs. A lot of my courses were online and I appreciated the free time this gave me to study when I wanted to. As an added bonus, I got a training in business and product development in building software and infrastructure. This is key because it helped me get a job and get promoted faster because I had the technical and PM experience.

Li Wei, Computer Systems Technology - Software Development

Highlights for International Students

Get your start at Mohawk by attending one of the Weekly Wednesday Webinars for prospective international students to learn more about the offerings, the people and the facilities.

Once you’re on campus, visit the Language & Cultural Centre, home to students from more than 80 countries, for social activities, cultural festivals and a celebration of diversity across campus and within the Hamilton community.


Hamilton ON


Centennial College

$ $ $ $

Recognized as one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary schools in the country, Centennial College hosted 7,668  international students in 2020-21. Beyond practical skills, you can gain global citizenship skills in this worldly community.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area, the school has built five campuses over the last 57 years. More than 200,000 individuals can call themselves proud alumni of the institution.

Centennial College International Tuition

Centennial has two scholarships available for international students to offset the $17,400 tuition. One scholarship is merit-based and the other is academic-based and awarded to an international transfer student from China.

Whether you’re pursuing a full-time diploma, a degree or a certificate, there are more than 200 learning opportunities to choose from and through the school’s extensive partnerships.

What Students Are Saying

Good school that draws students from all around the world. I liked to focus on practical learning and helping graduates find job placements. Faculty and Administration staff were helpful and friendly. I studied here after getting my PR in Canada and my experience has been recognized by employers in the IT industry.

Abdulaziz A., Project Management Graduate Certificate

Highlights for International Students

Rest assured you’re in good hands – in Centennial’s 50+ year history, well over 50,000 international students have been hosted at the school. The International Education Team is appropriately-versed in getting you accustomed to life, work, and studies in Canada.

The school also has a wide range of international learning opportunities that will complement your in-class studies, opening you up to an increasingly global perspective.


Toronto ON


Niagara College

$ $ $ $

Niagara is one of Canada’s most well-known wine and culinary regions, and you can call this stunning area home while studying at Niagara College. The school has two campuses in Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake, where they offer more than 130 innovative programs.

Both campuses recently underwent a $65 million redevelopment project, meaning that you’ll be learning in state-of-the-art facilities and getting hands-on, real-world experience.

Niagara College International Tuition

Prospective students will be excited to know that over $200,000 is available in scholarships and awards to counterbalance the tuition, which averages $17,422. Distinguishing itself from many other schools on this list, Niagara College doesn’t only offer scholarships to new students, but rewards returning students as well.

When it comes to deciding where to live, you have a choice between on-campus residence (of which they’re in the process of expanding), private rental, or homestay. While you’re making your transition to Canada, the school will also help you navigate short-term, 30-day stays through their ‘Landing Pad’ program.

What Students Are Saying

The infrastructure, facilities, and equipment at this college have been excellent in my experience. I appreciate how everyone on staff and in the faculties has welcomed me and my fellow international students with great enthusiasm. In diversity there is beauty and there is strength #proudNCTstudent

Lincy Joseph, International Business Management

Highlights for International Students

Trusted annually by 2,286 international students from 110 countries, your Canadian experience will be well-supported by Niagara’s International Student Advisors who will help you navigate academic planning, immigration assistance, and understanding on- and off-campus work permissions.

Get connected with a ‘Pal Mentor’, another student who can help ease your transition, and also consider taking advantage of their Global Connections program that pairs Canadian students with international students promoting mutual learning and a cross-cultural experience.


Niagara-on-the-Lake and Welland ON


Conestoga College

$ $ $ $

Coming in first on our Best Colleges in Canada for International Students, Conestoga College is located in Kitchener, with campuses across the southwestern region of Ontario. The school is recognized as a leader in polytechnic education and is one of the fastest-growing colleges in the province. Established in 1967, almost 40 percent of the student population is made up of international learners.

The school gets top marks regularly when it comes to student, graduate, and employer satisfaction, delivering career-focused education that prepares students for success in their chosen field.

Conestoga College International Tuition

Your $17,446 in tuition fees grants access to almost 250 certificate, diploma, degree, and post-graduate programs, of which more than 70 have co-op options for international students to expand their experiences.

A highlight of the Conestoga curriculum is that the school offers the only college-based, accredited engineering degrees.

The school’s two on-campus residences have a total of 528 units and securing one is competitive. Most students live off-campus in private rentals.

What Students Are Saying

Lots of work-integrated (WIL) learning and amazing community feel to this program at Conestoga. Invaluable experience in a kindergarten classroom topped off excellent classroom training by first-rate professors in this bachelor's degree program. Highly recommended.

Kristen Chan, Bachelor of Early Learning Program Development (Honours)

Highlights for International Students

While you prepare to venture abroad, tune into the workshops and information sessions hosted by International Student Advisors. Once you’re there, look forward to receiving customised support from your International Transition Coordinator who will help you adjust to both Canada and to Conestoga.

Get involved with campus life, whether that’s playing varsity athletics as a Conestoga Condor, or joining one of the school’s student associations.


Kitchener (main), plus Brantford, Cambridge, Guelph, Ingersoll, Stratford, and Waterloo ON


Georgian College

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Boasting seven campuses across central Ontario, with a home base in Barrie, Georgian College’s student population is almost one-quarter international students from 85 countries. The school also boasts the highest percentage of Ontario college students enrolled in a co-op placement.

The school launched a partnership with International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) in 2021, where students can enrol in select programs at the Toronto location, such as a Business Diploma Program, Global Business Management Graduate Certificate, Project Management Graduate Certificate and Human Resources Management Graduate Certificate.

Georgian College International Tuition

Coming in on the higher end of this list, international tuition at Georgian College will on average run about $17,473, and graduates have a 74 percent satisfaction rate from their education and experience.

Paid work opportunities such as co-ops, internships and field placements can help financially support your education. Consider researching what living costs are in the surrounding area of each of the campuses. Just shy of 800 students live on school grounds at the Barrie, Orillia, and Owen Sound campus residences, and the team at the Segal International Centre will help you make your best living and learning decisions.

Highlights for International Students

Beyond the small class sizes in a friendly environment and the opportunities to gain Canadian work experience, Georgian offers a dynamic student life experience, from clubs and campus events, to varsity sports and volunteer opportunities.

Students speak more than 52 languages, creating a multicultural community for social, academic, and personal growth.


Barrie (main), plus Bracebridge, Collingwood, Midland, Orangeville, Orillia, and Owen Sound ON


Justice Institute of British Columbia

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Lauded as Canada’s leading public safety educator, Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) has a global reputation for premium applied education, training, and research. The customised courses prepare students with new or upgraded careers in public safety, health, community and social justice, and criminal justice and security.

Many of their courses are internationally recognized and accredited, so graduates can apply their education worldwide.

JIBC International Tuition

As the most expensive school on this affordable list, tuition at JIBC has the highest fees coming in at $17,625. Graduates go on to pursue paths such as sheriff training, paramedicine, security, firefighting, driver education and road safety.

None of the school’s six campuses spread across BC offer on-campus housing facilities, so students will need to make their own living arrangements, which the school can certainly assist with.

Highlights for International Students

Coming to a new country can be intimidating and JIBC’s International Buddy Program seeks to provide a friendly face as you make your transition. Current students partner with new international students offering language support, cultural guidance and insight into student life.

In an effort to make campus life as easy as possible, International Student Advisors support newcomers to Canada with resources, information, and extra support to overcome obstacles.


Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Okanagan, Pitt Meadows and Vancouver Island BC

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