professional, proactive, attentive and trustworthy

Last updated March 15, 2024

Matkowsky law firm helped me with a difficult Permanent Residence application. My PR application was submitted by Sam in May 2021. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their immigration. He was helpful and kind throughout the two years and seven mos long process (IRCCC took so long to approve my PR application) He provided a great service During the process of applying for PR, I found Sam to be very professional, proactive, attentive and trustworthy. I can’t successfully get my PR without Matkowsky team! I would not hesitate to seek his services again to apply my Husband’s PR ( I already discussed it with John when we can start my spouse’s PR application) and I would recommend anyone who is endeavouring in their immigration journey to entrust John Matkowsky and his law firm to take on their case. The website has all the information about their services and fees for each application process. They also refunded me the balance of professional fees I overpaid two years ago. They work very professionally. You will get response back from them within few minutes except weekends or public holidays. When I got my PR, I received a call from Sam to congratulate me even though he was on a parental leave :))

Since then Amanat is incharge of my PR Application. She is also very professional and very helpful.

Thanks again Matkowsky team and all the best!

Sarah Lesh