Worked diligently to ensure my application would be approved

Last updated March 15, 2024

I am an American who married a Canadian. My husband and I decided to settle down in British Columbia and begin the long and tedious immigration journey. We decided to work with Krisha from Larlee Rosenberg. To say I am impressed with Krisha and her services is an understatement. We received fantastic help & advice throughout our immigration journey and could not have picked a better lawyer to work with. Not only did Krisha provide amazing and accurate service, but she also communicated with us quickly and worked diligently to ensure my application would be approved.

I find that the immigration process is daunting because immigrants are often left with unanswered questions and confusion due to the lack of communication from IRCC. I would highly recommend hiring Krisha as your immigration lawyer even if you are on the fence about hiring a lawyer at all. The money spent is well worth it and you will get help every step of the way through your immigration journey. Thank you Krisha for everything you have done for my family. I am happy to be part of an amazing country and community.

Sarah Lesh