Critical Data On Corporate Learning Opportunities In Canada (SURVEY)

Last updated June 11, 2018

In most fields of study, a ‘C’ would not exactly be the ideal grade, but that’s how business professionals told us they would assess the state of corporate learning in Canada.

Our recent survey — which gathered responses from those working in sectors like financial services, broadcasting and CPG, among others — showed 68% would rank their employer somewhere at the end of a scale from one to five in terms of providing opportunities for ongoing learning and training. Perhaps worse (though not surprisingly) 64% also said they did not use the funding for education made available to them. 

This is a major hurdle for companies to overcome, if only because part of developing the best team depends on ensuring they can continuously upgrade their skills. Establishing a strong foundation for on-the-job learning also drives a more engaged workforce. 

As for employees, it may be difficult to pursue new job opportunities, accelerate their career path or even pursue their hobbies without an ability to learn on the job. 

See the full infographic below to learn more about why Canadians are turning down free education, their recommendations to employers and how they see the future of work taking shape. 

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Shane Schick

Shane Schick tells stories that help people innovate and manage the change innovation brings. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of Marketing Magazine and B2B News Network. He is also the former Vice-President, Content & Community (Editor-in-Chief) at IT World Canada, a former technology columnist with the Globe and Mail and Yahoo Canada, and was the founding editor of

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