Best Coding Bootcamps of 2022

Last updated July 6, 2022

“Flexibility” could be the watchword for the coding bootcamp market in 2022. The global pandemic forced bootcamps — like so many colleges and universities — to develop digital gameplans that preserve the intensive, cohort-based, nature of coding education for students who, just a year earlier, began logging in to their classrooms for the first time — and logging in increasingly on their own terms.

Leading bootcamps like BrainStation and Lighthouse Labs spun out part-time versions of their full-time, in-person, programs, with BrainStation running them synchronously across multiple time zones. Meanwhile, General Assembly introduced self-paced courses to the Canadian market. Ironically, several schools expanded their physical footprints, with one bootcamp on this list opening new campuses in Miami and London, England.

As we do every year, CourseCompare interviewed bootcamp founders and recent graduates, pored over job placement data, took a deep dive into the curriculum, and toured campuses (and Learning Management Systems) across the country to determine which coding bootcamps are truly delivering a positive return on investment (ROI) for their students in 2022. If you’re interested in learning to code, here are the best places to begin a new career journey.

CourseCompare’s annual school rankings are determined using a process that considers several core metrics and principles. Read more about our methodology here.


BrainStation 4.7/5

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Lighthouse Labs 4.7/5

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CareerFoundry 4.75/5

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Le Wagon 5/5

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Springboard 4.95/5

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WeCloudData 4.95/5

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General Assembly 4.8/5

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Juno College 4.85/5

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Concordia University 5/5

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University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies 4.05/5

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CodeCore 4.75/5

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$ $ $ $

BrainStation is a global leader in digital skills training. BrainStation empowers individuals and organizations to achieve digital success through courses, workshops, events and corporate training.

BrainStation’s Education team of 250 industry professionals has trained over 100,000 people through campuses in New York, San Jose, Toronto and Vancouver. In 2021, BrainStation opened a new campus in London, England, where the bootcamp is positioning itself to help fuel the talent pipeline for such global brands as Unilever, Diageo, AstraZeneca and Deliveroo.

What Sets BrainStation Apart?   

BrainStation’s LMS (Learning Management System), Synapse, is among the most sophisticated on offer in Canada. The live online learning platform allows students to attend live lectures, collaborate with other professionals, and get immediate feedback from instructors — wherever they are.

BrainStation also continues to expand its employer network beyond Canada, as well as its scholarship offerings with support from Ernst & Young, Rogers Communications, Microsoft, McDonalds, Twitter and more. Current scholarship opportunities include: Women in Technology Scholarship; Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship; Veterans Scholarship; University & College Scholarship; Not-For-Profit Scholarship; and Entrepreneurship Scholarship.

What Students Are Saying

What a course ! 10 weeks and fast paced, this course dives right into the material. It starts with some background and builds on every class into different machine learning concepts such as Regression, Classification, Unsupervised Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing and Recommender Systems. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my ideas for my project bear fruit. It was a serious work and time commitment, which wasn't easy with a full time job. However, I came out the other side more knowledgeable and skilled. BrainStation is very responsive to questions and support. I was very fortunate to have Adam Zabrodski as an instructor. Advice: make the time to work through the concepts and notebooks again between every class to solidify the concepts - nothing beats learning as practicing.

Hadrian D'Souza, Online Machine Learning

What You’ll Learn

BrainStation offers full and part-time courses in web development, UX/UI design, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Product Management and Cybersecurity. Explore BrainStation’s full course catalogue, tuition and upcoming start dates near you.

BrainStation’s latest addition is the Digital Leadership & Innovation Course — a bridge between managers and the disruptive technologies driving business innovation today. The live class combines hands-on introductions to emerging technologies with a theoretical overview of the models companies are using to harness their full potential.


Online, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, London


Lighthouse Labs

$ $ $ $

Lighthouse Labs was created as an experiment in 2013 by a group of software developers with a passion for code, mentorship, and education. The school’s mission: to continuously find the best ways to train the next generation of developers and to transform the way tech education is delivered. Over two years later, Lighthouse Labs is still chasing that same mission.

What Sets Lighthouse Labs Apart?   

When it comes to in-person training, Lighthouse Labs offers a more expansive geographic reach than any other Canadian coding bootcamp, with campuses from Vancouver to Halifax, with many stops in between. Even during a global pandemic, the college maintained a high job placement rate (87 percent within 180 days of graduation), high average student salary ($50,000+), and high graduation rate (89.4 percent).

Lighthouse Labs continues its commitment to offering $1 million in needs-based scholarship funding to new students. It is also building on its success educating the future coding workforce with new courses in data analytics and data science, including the new data science bootcamp, plus a new “Flex” model of delivery for learners seeking certification through part-time studies.

What Students Are Saying

I freaking loved my time at Lighthouse Labs! I did a computer systems diploma at Humber and worked in IT support before applying to a couple of different bootcamps. The instructors, the classmates, the companies that work with Lighthouse Labs -- they are all awesome! It's so MOTIVATING to look at people's laptops and see them working on their apps or startup ideas. It's crazy how involved the school and instructors are in your life while you are at LHL. I made great friends in my fellow coders and the ways we support each other after graduation has been invaluable. Now add in the mentors who check in with you and ask you questions and challenge you about your projects. They were intimidating at first, but you'll soon realize they are 100% on your side. They also know what jobs are out there. They did more than anyone to help me "get" where I wanted to go. Only con is that this won't be easy. I usually started at 9am and worked until 11pm on weekdays. I would sometimes log on on the weekends and hack away. In the end, I got a great junior web dev job at a startup in Toronto that does affiliate marketing. All of the students in my class that I would call "motivated" landed jobs within about 3-4 months. The difference between Lighthouse and college couldn't be bigger for me. I'm so glad I made this important life decision. I strongly recommend applying if you are in the same boat I was. Good luck to you!

Christina Romano, Online Web Development Bootcamp

What You’ll Learn

Lighthouse Labs offers full- and part-time courses in web development, iOS development and front-end fundamentals with JavaScript. In 2021, Lighthouse Labs expanded into data science and data analytics training with its part-time Online Intro to Data Analytics (a course for beginners) and its more demanding Online Data Science Bootcamp. Also new to the coding bootcamp are a series of “Flex” programs that enable learners to pursue the intensive training Lighthouse Labs’ is known for but on a part-time basis. Explore Lighthouse Lab’s full course catalogue, including tuition and upcoming start dates near you.


Online, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa, Victoria, Calgary



$ $ $ $

CareerFoundry offers mentored online courses in UX design, UI design, data analytics and web development. The Berlin, Germany-based online educator began with a focus on UX design courses offered to enable beginners to become tech professionals in as little as six months with help from dedicated mentors, tutors and career specialists. According to CareerFoundry, 96 percent of graduates land a job in their field within 180 days of graduation.

What Sets CareerFoundry Apart? 

CareerFoundry’s well-calibrated online, mentored, programs strike one of the best balances available today between live and self-paced online learning. Students receive individualized mentoring and support from their personal mentor and tutor through a live online learning environment, as well as from a dedicated team of student advisors and career specialists. Lessons are broken down into broad topics called Achievements, each of which is supported by a series of hands-on exercises designed to mimic actual work projects.

CareerFoundry’s Job Guarantee is another key differentiator. Students who do not land a job in their desired field within six months of graduating get their money back.

What Students Are Saying

I am really impressed and extremely satisfied with CareerFoundry's UI Design Program. My course was divided into 6 Achievements with an average of 9 exercises per module, and from the start I could already notice that I would be learning real and relevant skills. The course is planned in a way that each exercise gives you a theory lesson plus a task to practice the theory you've just learned. This gives the student a sense of moving up and evolving throughout the course and also to really feel that they're understanding what is being taught. I was also glad to see that all the subjects and content are up-to-date and there's a lot of external material for the students to consult to better inform themselves about the concepts that are being explained. Plus, they're system of learning and working on tasks makes the students feel more confident as the course progresses, and the resulting portfolio feels like an accomplishment the student can be proud of. I also have high praises for both my mentor, my tutor and my career specialist. All of them helped me better understand the concepts and the tasks, gave me relevant and motivational feedback and helped me feel more confident by the end of the program. Last but not least: CareerFoundry's Slack Community was the cherry on top of the cake. I've met several other students and alumni there, expanded my network, was able to exchange precious knowledge and took part in several webinars with valuable industry insights.

Vicente Veras Canabarro, UI Design Program

What You’ll Learn 

CareerFoundry’s Web Development Program covers the full-stack, from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to API building, server-side development, test-driven development, progressive web apps, native app development, and industry-standard tools including Atom, GitHub, Node, React, Angular, Vue, Bootstrap and more. Real-world business contexts are core to the program’s design, informing additional topics like API integrations and agile project management that will help give graduates an edge. CareerFoundry also offers mentored online learning in UX Design, UI Design, and Data Analytics.




Le Wagon

$ $ $ $

Le Wagon in Montreal offers a top-notch coding curriculum that gives students every bit of knowledge necessary to develop their own applications from the ground up. More than 160 startup companies have been founded by Le Wagon alumni, with a select few going on to be acquired by Apple.

What Sets Le Wagon Apart?

Students have the choice of either nine-week full-time studies or a 24-week part-time course load, both of which cover the same topics. With 40 hours of online prepwork to ensure students begin on more-or-less the same footing, Le Wagon offers considerable pre-program support compared to most other bootcamps. Prep also includes introductions to workflow tools and common terminology before students begin using a text editor.

Le Wagon’s nine week full-stack program is based out of 45 cities in 25 countries, aimed at those looking to start their own business or add technical skills to their portfolio. Grads come away with the knowledge of how to design every aspect of a website or app, with a heavy dose of exposure to local startup scenes and entrepreneurial thinking. In a typical day, students will find time for lectures, challenges, live coding events and yoga breaks.

What Students Are Saying

I highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone! I graduated as a Software Engineer in Belgium but before committing myself to a full-time job I wanted to have an experience abroad. So I joined batch #210 in Montréal and it was the best experience of my life! Before the bootcamp, I wasn't sure if I was going to learn anything in the first couple of weeks, because those were all about the basics of programming. But boy was I wrong! My prior knowledge of coding gave me the opportunity to learn how to explain stuff that seems easy to me, to someone who never heard of it prior to the morning lecture of that day. And that definitely helped me to improve as a programmer. The bootcamp also provides optional challenges which are quite challenging, even for programmers with experience. But as the weeks progressed, I realized that Le Wagon is about so much more than just coding. The bootcamp taught me a lot about teamwork, helping each other out, realizing what you don't know and how to let others help you with what you don't know. And most importantly it taught me how to transform an idea into a product you can proudly present in only 2 weeks with people you've only known for 1,5 month. That's the magic of Le Wagon!

Pieter-Jan Caals, Fullstack Program

What You’ll Learn

Students first tackle programming basics in Ruby, an open-source programming language that’s foundational to this particular program. Software architecture, SQL, databases and object-relational mapping are also taught before diving into hands-on projects. Grads will leave with the knowledge of how to design apps and websites, and best practices for independent learning based on an understanding of the direction of future web development technologies.


Online, Montreal



$ $ $ $

Springboard seeks to make 21st century skills accessible through mentor-led online courses in data science, cyber security, UX/UI design and software engineering (with a digital marketing certificate program coming soon). The San Francisco-based bootcamp believes the ideal learning experience should be designed to fit your life’s pace with part-time online offerings and a variety of payment plans.

What Sets Springboard Apart?   

Springboard’s Software Engineering Career Track program boasts a 93 per cent job placement rate within six months of graduation — a testament, in part, to how competitive this program is to get into in the first place.

Springboard is also unmatched when it comes to funding options, which range from payment plans to job guarantees to Income Share Agreements that allow students to learn at no cost until they receive a job offer in a relevant field. All of the above were recently introduced to select, major, Canadian cities, so be sure to confirm that ISAs and job guarantees apply to you before enrolling.

At Springboard, personal mentorship and one-on-one career coaching round out an already stellar — and demanding — live virtual learning experience.

What Students Are Saying

This program was a great fit for me. Coming from a career background of education and music, breaking into the developer world was daunting. Through the mentorship, curriculum and job support components of Springboard I was able to learn the skills and experience to forge a path towards a career in web development while maintaining a full time job. Now, this was not easy and presented some challenges when it comes to balancing a demanding full time job with Springboard's innovative and rigorous curriculum. However, my mentor was awesome in helping me through the highs and lows while giving first hand professional expertise. If you are serious about a career change into the coding/ tech world and are looking for a program that will match and support your desire to learn and progress to a career in software engineering then this is the program for you!

James Michael Cahal , Software Engineering Career Track

What You’ll Learn   

Springboard’s Software Engineering Career Track program is among the more competitive coding bootcamps operating in Canada, and it enables learners to build powerful web apps. It covers the full-stack: front-end, back-end (with Python, Flask and SQL), plus Node and Express, React JS and Redux. Each of these three sections culminates in a hands-on project. This is, to be clear, an engineering bootcamp, which will push students beyond some of the front-end projects and sprints familiar to other bootcamp grads.


Live Online



$ $ $ $

WeCloudData continues to evolve with customized bootcamps focused on data science and big data knowledge — but with plenty of coding education on offer for the data engineering inclined. The Toronto-based bootcamp bills itself as a leading data science education and career service provider in Canada. The school is known for serving as a bridge between devoted and passionate data scientists and companies who need help with challenging business problems in data analytics.

What Sets WeCloudData Apart?

WeCloudData may not be Canada’s best bootcamp for learning front-end development, but when it comes to Python, SQL and coding for data engineers, it shines. WeCloudData was one of the first bootcamps in Canada to offer advanced training in data science, and its co-founder, Shaohua Zhang, still spends plenty of time in the classroom, where he consistently gets top marks for teaching. Before co-founding WeCloudData, Zhang taught big data at Ryerson University and managed research and development projects at Blackberry.

What Students Are Saying

What I really like about the Data Science program is that it makes every day being busy but fulfilling. I learned different technical skills during the lectures and had a lot of exercises to do to have a better understanding of the material. Whenever we finished a section, there would be a test or a project presentation. It was challenging and forced me to study seriously. The real client projects are great. Based on different job responsibilities, the most common questions I have been asked during the interviews include SQL, Python, ETL, data cleansing, machine learning, and data visualization, as well as the process of solving problems. The client project experiences in my resume helped a lot. I got the experience of working with different teams to provide data science and data analytics solutions for our clients and helped them solve business problems. Among the clients I worked with, there are well-known enterprises as well as start-ups. Those experiences made my resume diverse and competitive.

Max Zhao, Data Science Bootcamp

What You’ll Learn

After a short hiatus, WeCloudData’s full-time Data Science Diploma program is back. For developers looking to deepen their big data skills, part-time courses in SQL, Python and applied machine learning round out the school’s most popular offerings. For those interested in cloud computing, WeCloudData also runs the only AWS big data specialty course among Canadian bootcamps.

But WeCloudData’s most popular program among CourseCompare users this year is its revamped Business Intelligence Bootcamp, an 8-week, part-time, certificate program that covers everything from Excel, SQL, Tableau and PowerBI to business analytics, FinTech, digital marketing and supply chain management applications.





General Assembly

$ $ $ $

Since 2011, General Assembly has transformed tens of thousands of careers through pioneering, experiential education in today’s most in-demand skills. When you learn web development, data, design, business, and more with GA, you get award-winning curriculum and expert instructors, on campus and online; a global, professional community of 40,000-plus full- and part-time alumni; and career results from leading-edge courses, with mentorship each step of the way.

What Sets General Assembly Apart?   

In 2016, Bitmaker Labs in Toronto was acquired by U.S.-based education company General Assembly. Under General Assembly, the Toronto campus joins 20+ others worldwide, with access to a global network of more than 10,000 hiring partners. Bitmaker practically pioneered the free in-class workshop among Toronto-based coding bootcamps — a tradition that continues today with General Assembly.

What Students Are Saying

The course teaches you the popular languages and frameworks but the emphasis is on teaching you the skills and tools you need to learn things on your own, reflective of real-life scenarios. Site visits to tech companies and guest lectures provided excellent insights into the industry. Lastly, but probably most importantly, the part of the curriculum focusing on career strategies will teach you the most effective job-finding strategies, including networking, applications, and interviews — IF you’re willing to put in the work! Overall an amazing experience that helped me start a new career as a software developer.

Dmitry, Web Development

What You’ll Learn

General Assembly offers full- and part-time courses in web development, UX/UI design, digital marketing, data analytics, data science and product management. New “on-demand” self-paced learning options round on GA’s offering, providing students with greater flexibility and more ways to learn than the bootcamp’s pre-pandemic in-person classes.


Online, Toronto, U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia


Juno College

$ $ $ $

At Juno College (formerly HackerYou), you get more than just a couple of awesome projects for your portfolio. When you make the decision to learn with Juno, you’re taking a big leap. It means you’re ready for change in your professional life. Juno’s goal is to give you the tools necessary to succeed. With that vision in mind, the Juno experience is tailored to you, and that’s why it’s among the top-rated tech schools in Toronto.

What Sets Juno College Apart?   

Juno, perhaps more than any other bootcamp, boasts a summer camp vibe and almost cult-like community following. The school is well-known for helping graduates foster close professional relationships within Toronto’s tech community and beyond.

Juno was the first coding bootcamp in Canada to offer Income Share Agreements (ISAs), which allow students taking its Web Development Immersive Bootcamp to pay tuition of just $1 until they land a full-time job in their field.

What Students Are Saying

I took the Web Dev course at Juno. At first I was nervous, as I was learning a brand new skill and I was intimidated by the field. But, everyone I dealt with at Juno made it not only something that was extremely approachable and worked with my learning style, everyone from Juno was so kind and fun to work with. Highly recommend. Amazing course. 

Hayley Elsaesser, Web Development

What You’ll Learn

Juno offers full and part-time courses in web development and UX/UI design. Explore CourseCompare’s dynamic course catalogue with tuition and upcoming start dates near you.


Online, Toronto


Concordia University

$ $ $ $

Concordia University in Montreal is the highest ranked North American university to be founded within the last 50 years. It is also among only one other university on this list to offer a job-focused web development program in an accelerated format. The University’s emphasis on coding and computing, part of what’s being billed as a plan to redefine the 21st century university, is positioning itself to advance a Montreal tech boom.

In 2018, Concordia re-named its engineering department to the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science after Cody, an alumna, donated $15 million to the school. It is the first engineering school in Canada to be named after a woman.

What Sets Concordia Apart?

Concordia’s flagship Web Development Diploma program leaves students with a mastery of web development after 12 weeks. Partner DecodeMTL grants students unparalleled access to industry professionals who bridge the gap from education to employment.

More than 90 per cent of Concordia coding bootcamp students are hired within six months of graduation, with an average starting salary of $55,000. Additional programs focused on what to do after graduating, how to search for jobs more efficiently, and interview skills are available for bootcamp students as well.

What Students Are Saying

I chose Concordia and DecodeMTL because I heard the curriculum was strong and easy to follow. Having a connection to Concordia is also valuable for employers. The diploma is very demanding. I started with basic knowledge of HTML and still needed to commit the hours to learning on my own. The instructors are very good at their jobs. They were always available when I needed them and helped me whenever I was stuck. They put everything into a business context too which I appreciated. The last thing is that you need to hustle to find a job. The school will help with CV editing, mock interviews and getting you a better online presence. It all helps, but some students like to think a job will be waiting for you without any work. That's not true, so be ready.

Imran Saadeh, Web Development Diploma

What You’ll Learn

Students will learn through full-stack programming projects as well as cohort-based work. They will explore the fundamentals of programming, such as higher order functions and object oriented programming. Server and database programming with NodeJS, a free open source server environment are also emphasized. Front end use of React and Redux, one of the most popular UI development tools available, also round out the curriculum.


Online, Montreal


University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

$ $ $ $

The University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (SCS) is among the largest providers of continuing education in Canada, with more than 700 courses, 40 program areas, 100 certificates and 700 instructors. The University has partnered with Trilogy Education Services, an NYC-based education technology company, to deliver a variety of programs in a bootcamp format, from coding to data analytics, digital marketing and fintech (financial technology).

What Sets the University of Toronto SCS Bootcamps Apart? 

UofT SCS “Boot Camps” offer more flexible learning options than most bootcamps, with part-time and full-time options for students who want the same intensive bootcamp experience but can’t afford to take time off work. Despite a bumpy start in 2017, the school has continued to fine-tune its curriculum and expand its offerings into a variety of in-demand digital training options, with a robust network of companies and instructors to show for it. The School has strengthened its career services, too, with coaching, portfolio and resume assistance, and technical interview training, now available to all students.

What Students Are Saying

I started this program with no IT background and desperate for a career change! Six months after graduating I secured work on a 5-person IT team at headquarters for a commercial real estate company. My learning continues eveeryday on the job! The best part of my learning experience at UoftSCS was having access to great instructors and the Learner Success Manager, who helped me find my way through the job market. The program was good and covered 8 major Cybersecurity domains, including Incident response and Governance regulation compliance which I actually use on the job. I wish there had been more about cloud computing but I think that's coming for future students. I also know waaaay more now about the industry and what job prospects are like today.

John G., Cyber Security Bootcamp

What You’ll Learn 

True to form, the bootcamp curriculum is rigorous, covering full-stack programming in just 12 weeks of full-time study or 24 weeks of part-time study. Students will begin with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery before working their way through Bootstrap, MySQL, React.js and more.


Online, Toronto



$ $ $ $

CodeCore Developer Bootcamp is an intensive in-person training program in professional web development that runs for 12 weeks at a time, 6 times a year, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

CodeCore program administrators work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Great companies such as Wishpond, ZOZI, Clio, Sage, ModernAdvisor, and BMC have formed partnerships with CodeCore, and organizations such as Simon Fraser University, and Canadian Women in Communications have also built relationships with us.

CodeCore Developer Bootcamp is a program of CodeCore, which is recognized by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education as a PTIB Designated Institution.

What Sets CodeCore Apart?   

Interested in learning full-stack web development? CodeCore offers training across a breadth of programming languages in a notoriously intensive study environment (students arrive on campus at 8:00AM each weekday and get plenty of coaching time from instructors who stay late into the evening). To help improve workplace diversity, CodeCore offers all female students a $500 scholarship upon enrolment into its full-time coding bootcamp.

What Students Are Saying

Whether you are a junior or intermediate developer or recently graduate from school, CodeCore is one of the places you can start a new career. 12 weeks intense course help you to boost your career path. Needless to say it reuires hardworking. It is recommended people without CS background just take part-time courses and if they found they can go further then try full-time course. CodeCore is a friendly and positive environment which has proved its name in Vancouver for years by educating great developers.

Amir, Web Development Bootcamp

What You’ll Learn

CodeCore offers a beginner Fundamentals course and a full-time, three-month bootcamp with JavaScript, Ruby (and Rails), HTML and CSS.



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  1. Recently finished a web development bootcamp and loved it! So glad I took the time to focus on learning, and it was an amazing experience to kick start a new career. For anyone that is not 100% sure if a bootcamp is right for them, the part time course offer an opportunity to explore HTML, JavaScript or UX. It’s also a great way to make sure you are prepared for an intensive bootcamp, and some of the fees can be deducted from the full time tuition.

  2. So helpful! My employer paid for me to attend a part-time UX course — I’m halfway done — but I can already see a huge difference at work. I’m an account manager at a PR agency, and now I can work confidently with developers AND “creatives” to get products built for my clients. I used the Ontario Job Grant. Check it out:

  3. Red Academy is closed. Doesn’t exist anymore. Lighthouse Labs is seriously the best of the bunch. I’ve attended both Brainstation and LHL and it’s no comparison between the two. LHL is all substance, Brainstation is all surface.

  4. Im glad you commented, I am comparing LHL and Brainstation for the Web Dev boot camp, it seems Brainstation has a lot more to offer as far as finding work after completion, could you shed some light further on why you liked LHL better? It would really help me.

  5. I am also torn between selecting the best option. I have been accepted for lighthouselabs, applied for juno as well(no communication from them for a week now). I have previous coding experience and for me the most important factor is career support. Some more comments/ review from alumni would be appreciated.

  6. @Tawfiqul: Lighthouse Labs just launched a “Flex” program that lets you take the diploma bootcamp part-time instead of full-time. It takes 30 weeks, about 7 months, compared to the 3-month class. It’s the same price. Maybe this will help you make your decision?

  7. Heya I came across this article and I am truly grateful for your help. I thought my options were 4 year compsci degree or bust. Looks like coding bootcamps will change education for many.

  8. Graduated from Lighthouse Labs 5 years ago and have never looked back. Demand for developers has never been crazier and salaries sail into the six figures very fast if you are a hard worker. Good luck to everyone considering making the jump.

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