Thanks to this wonderful and strong team, my PR application was approved

Last updated March 13, 2024

Cohen Immigration Law Firm did a great job with my application. Yes, a “do it yourself” application can be done but nothing can minimize the time consumed waiting having someone who knows what to do, submit and thoroughly check your documents and files. Kara handled our case in the beginning, and she has been gentle and true with her advice with us on how to make our application stronger and minimize refusals or rejection. It’s somehow frustrating to see a lot of names replying to our emails at that time, but I think they all work hand in hand to make the application going and effective, and trust that your application is in good team’s hand. Thanks to Kathleen and Audrey for hand in hand work in drafting our application too. When our application was officially submitted, Theodora handled our case diligently and informatively. Questions were answered, and we were guided very well in our applications and inquiries until the end. Thanks to this wonderful and strong team with professionalism and teamwork, my PR application was approved. I would definitely recommend your firm to my friends who might need the same top-notch services too. Thank you so much. Kudos to the team!

Sarah Lesh