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2 years




Sep 6-Apr 26

Plus 2 other start dates

Jan 3 - Apr 26 2024

May 1 - Aug 30 2024







Year Founded




The program focuses on the management of hotel, restaurant and tourism enterprises and is designed to provide you with a thorough foundation of the professional skills required to begin a career in these sectors. Given the hands-on nature of the hospitality industry, all courses are designed to provide you with active learning opportunities including labs for food and beverage preparation and service and front desk operations, along with numerous case studies and simulation exercises. Built on three key themes – profitable business management, exemplary customer service and an appreciation of sustainable hospitality management practices – each course will take you on an exploration of the various business aspects of the hospitality service industry, including: Catering, Customer service, Event planning, Financial and human resource management, Food service, Hotel operations, Marketing, Restaurant operations and Entrepreneurship.

Teamwork, effective decision-making, critical thinking and leadership skills are explored in Year 1 and also emphasized throughout the second year of the program. You will also participate in a capstone course in Semester 4 designed to provide you with an opportunity to apply the skills you have acquired throughout the program as you operate a full-service hotel through a robust simulation program.

To develop a better affiliation with industry and further your skills, you will be invited to apply to the co-op option during your first semester (September Intake Only). Qualified students will complete a four-month, paid work term in the summer between the second and third semesters of the program.  Students can also choose to complete an 120-hour field placement to gain work experience during their fourth semester.

The Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management program is offered at the Whitby campus, home of the college’s W. Galen Weston Centre for Food (WC). This incredible learning environment provides access to state-of-the-art labs, classrooms and meeting spaces all designed to offer you the best possible learning experience. Students in this program will benefit from working and learning in Bistro ’67, a full-service, green-certified teaching and learning restaurant operated by staff and students.

What You’ll Learn

  • Support an industry and workplace service culture by adopting a positive attitude and professional decorum, accommodating diverse and special needs, and contributing as a team member.
  • Deliver customer service and solutions that anticipate, meet and/or exceed individual expectations, as well as organizational expectations, standards and objectives.
  • Use marketing concepts, market research, social networks, sales and revenue management strategies, relationship management skills and product knowledge to promote and sell hospitality services, products and guest experiences.
  • Apply business and revenue models as well as basic accounting, budgeting, financial and administration skills to support the effective management and operation of a variety of organizations delivering hospitality services and products.
  • Comply with relevant organization and workplace systems, processes, policies, standards, legal obligations and regulations, and apply risk management principles, to support and maintain efficient, safe, secure, accessible and healthy hospitality operations.
  • Use appropriate technologies to enhance the quality and delivery of hospitality services, products and guest experiences and to measure the effectiveness of hospitality operations.
  • Keep current with hospitality trends and issues, and interdependent relationships in the broader tourism industry sectors to improve work performance and guide career development.
  • Use leadership, teamwork, conflict and relationship management skills and tools, as well as knowledge of organizational behaviour, labour relations, employment standards and human rights to contribute to a positive work environment.
  • Respond to issues and dilemmas arising in the delivery of hospitality services, products and guest experiences by using and promoting ethical behaviour and best practices of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

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Next Cohort: Sep 6-Apr 26

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