Digital Marketing 101: Essential Reading for Beginners  

Last updated May 29, 2018

As organizations everywhere build their digital game plans, it’s time to accept that the word “digital” in “digital marketing” is redundant. All marketing today touches digital technology, whether that’s social media, search engine marketing, data analytics or beyond.

So, what does it take to succeed as a marketer today? Read on for an in-depth introduction to how we got here, and how today’s leading marketing minds are harnessing new technologies and ways of thinking to achieve explosive growth for their companies.

What is Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Email Marketing

Social Media

Google Analytics

Business & Marketing Principles  

Course Compare will be adding to this and other “101” posts across a range of tech disciplines. Let us know in the comments section if you have essential reading for aspiring digital marketers to add to this list.

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